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  2. Hi your coins was added with a bonus enjoy
  3. Off making crosshairs, or modding some other game. Maybe even getting my butt kicked... Man did I get rusty over the years.

  4. After doing some research I was saddened to find crosshair_pick does NOT work, and intentionally, to prevent hackers and aimbots. Sad, but understandable. Either way, here's a custom crosshair I dug up, it's just an edit of something found on Google Images, but still. Gets the job done. Crosshair: Crosshair_Pick: If you're going to use it, I recommend it for a shotgun loadout. The reason I made it was to account for spread, the best I could anyway. Best resolution to use is between 50x50 and 65x65.
  5. Descent 3: Retribution + Mercenary Expansion This game was literally my childhood in a nutshell, along side Quake III: Arena (Which still has a thriving community, by the by) Descent 3 had an interesting single player, was released in 1999, but the multiplayer. Man, THAT was where it was at. High intensity CTF matches in Varicose Veins, insane Anarchy matches in Amateur's Arena. Clan Wars on Skybox. Modded weapons of Subway Dancer?? Good times. Gooood times.
  6. I'm running into the same issues. When I upload an avatar, "C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\forum/uploads/monthly_2021_11 could not be created." When I upload to the forum itself, "C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\forum/uploads/monthly_2021_11 could not be created." All I wanted to do was upload a custom crosshair to a forum topic, this is it here: And as for my avatar? It's tiny. Just a jpg, 150x150 and 6.54 kb. Literally just a cartoon drawing of a clean tooth. You know. Because my tag is DentalFloss.
  7. My Transaction was completed but my coins are not added to my account. Account name : Rowanblizzy Please help me out. Thanks!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Monk hay alguna otra manera de poder comprar monedas , que no sea vía Paypal? .. porfavor yo quiero comprar
  10. Hi your coins was added with Bonus enjoy!
  11. Same thing as before a 10eu and a 5 eu purchase. Username: Jokerjester
  12. Hi your coins has been doubled enjoy!
  13. hi I bought twice one for 100 and the other for 50. Just wondering if you could slide those into my account? Username: Jokerjester.
  14. Last week
  15. GunZ Innitiative EVENT Vote for Labor of Love Award for Steam Awards 2021!!! the company may not update and care for the game here on steam but THE COMMUNITY sure does! Vote on that count and let's shoot our shot because WE DESERVE IT! WOOOOOOoooooooooooooo If you don't know about the Steam Awards or Not sure what games to nominate then consider GunZ 2 because it can bring attention to ALL of GunZ, plus this can bring some moral boosting benefits so enjoy! Let's see what happens!
  16. perdon soy una noob y no sabia que el juego habia que configurarlo a tu gusto -.- como no tienen una guia que diga cada cosa... en sintesis mil perdon .. eso si lo de los hacks es verdad
  17. hola quiero retirarme de este juego de mierda.. la verdad no hacen nada con los hack y cuando ponen en la seccion de quejas no hacen nada.. es una caca esto... sepan que el server es una mierda ... espero se vayan a cagar todos y chupensen una pija... montones de imbeciles
  18. alguien que me explique como tener buen aim ???
  19. alguien que me explique como tener buen aim ???
  20. Great video steve sent you some coins!
  21. Hi you were given Double coins which was this weeks bonus enjoy!
  22. 50 Euros E-Mail: ******** Acoount ID: Mercyscarlet
  23. Your coins have been added with an added bonus.
  24. Clan Name: Paradise and EXODIA Swapper name(s): Ryas, OrbMaru, Adalia, CarderOrCC, Rigu Proof: 5 Replays of The Clan Paradise Swapping with EXODIA, including 2 screenshots of the Before and After. In the replays, they try to not make it as obvious as the last report, but similar to their previous swaps, the players and constantly leaving rejoining/ actively AFKing, and Both clans share the same members, and KingVegeta, has been seen swapping with Paradise on numerous occasions before. Some rounds Paradise gives easy kills to EXODIA Members, and free rounds. Once Goofy calls out the Swap, EXODIA finally "WINS" ending Paradise's consecutive streak. As well, Paradise (Previously Armageddon)has been caught swapping several times in the past. Referencing previous swap report and thread:
  25. Hello, please let me know what was the amount donated or wait until Monk gets to it. Cheers.
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