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  2. you must start a topic in Help & Support section, Monk will help you! (if Eriviren not resolved by now) take a Print from your PayPal transaction, u can use it as proof of your payment.
  3. Hello I've added your coins with bonus enjoy!
  4. Hello, I've added double Gold coins to your account enjoy
  5. Hacker's name: AlwaysHiT Hack used: Aimbot/Aimfix/Shotbot Proof: His name says it all. Please review asap!
  6. I have a photo of the purchase here and here is the second transaction as you can see two different transaction id's too.
  7. I was buy 200 gold coins and I didnt recive them after I clicked return to merchant but i recived my 5 dollar gold coins, I purchased the 200 gold coins aka 20 dollars twice, just to make sure and I still didnt receive any. 0S763508PB455753T from paypal thats the transaction number. User Aleex, but in game its BtwPluto. So im hoping u can give me my 40 dollars aka 400 gold coins.
  8. Yesterday
  9. just joined the discord, im not sure how to go back and check where the receipt is but it shows that it was taken out on my paypal if i can use that as proof
  10. Hello there Ancrath. Are you on our Discord? If you have your transaction receipt you can PM it to me and I can help you.
  11. While I do see the problem at hand here, the reality is like I've mentioned is this is never 1 sided. The origin of all this is still unknown and would not be fair to mute Ferld or you given the circumstances from both reports. In the future, start taking screenshots from the beginning till the end of the harassment being pursued. The same is applied for Ferld, he should not have gone the way he did, but fighting back and saying things back in the circumstances doesn't really validate the report either.
  12. Purchased 20 eu worth of coins not reflected user: 4g63dude date 2023-02-03 transaction number 5KB37642TP389432A
  13. Made a donation yesterday and my coins have not been credited to my account, user id Ancrath. is there anyway to fix this?
  14. Last week
  15. just downloaded gunz the duels, but when i open the launcher and start the game and agree to terms and conditions the launcher just disappear without open the game
  16. if i would good enought, i'd like to tryout.
  17. Leo Fiusa


    i'll send my list Black Clover, Naruto, Charlote, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Noragami - and Aragoto, Jujutsu Kaisen, SNK. Boku no Hero, Moby Psycho. Samurai Jack.
  18. Hi, I've added double Gold coins to your account enjoy
  19. Hello Guys,Leonardo! Today, i have purchase some coins again, and it doest added at the moment. Sorry my bad english. user: leofiusagame date: 02/02/2023. Thank you.
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