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  3. Ok guys i downloaded it again and installed it, but when I open the game, I get an error message i can't upload the image of the error message so i'll copy the message ans paste it here "there was an error on the process. we apologize for your inconvenience. please check the error report below and elimate the source or error manually".
  4. I just clicked on the "download" icon on the forum and downloaded a file whose size is 455 from Google Drive, but the file did not work, then how can i download it ?
  5. Hello your coins has heen added with double the Bonus enjoy!
  6. Hello coins has been doubled on the account: zachtr45
  7. Last week
  8. Hi Monk, I've purchased coins again and did not receive it... Is this gonna happen everytime? If you could timely add the coins that'd be great....
  9. traxex


    haven't receive my starting 20 gcoins
  10. bought G coins 9 hours ago and have not received them.
  11. Purchased G coins with the transaction ID of 678617379M226624A under the user id of Zachtr45 and email of zac******[email protected] and I have yet to receive them. please Help!
  12. Hello what is your Gunz user id and paypal email?
  13. 1. Navigate to 2. Hover mouse over Premium Shop drop down, select "V.I.P & Anime Shop" 3. Select Ranged Weapons And there it is.
  14. I did not receive coins after my donation. Please help
  15. Hi monk, Where can we buy the colored shotguns? I've seen blue and pink that players have been using and I can't seem to find it on the coin shop or in the item shop. Any ideas?
  16. First time attempting and successfully being able to ride a boss! *ignore the part where I'm trying to figure out the ammo clip lol* (158) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Quest Goblin King | stevenasimmons - YouTube Brought to you by: Evolution Quest clan
  17. User has been muted as of 09-13-2021 until further notice.
  18. In-Game: (Spamming/Other Chat related) Players Name(s): hacking Rule broken: harassments, racial slurs against me Proof: (Screenshots)
  19. In-Game: (Spamming/Other Chat related) Players Name(s): hacking Rule broken: harassments, racial slurs against me Proof: (Screenshots)
  20. Thanks monk for the coins! I have uploaded a few more gameplay on my channel, check them out. Cyber special quest - Goblin King - Aneramon The Wicked - Page 41 - Deathmatch - Thanks, also User ID/Account name: KevyLau
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  22. Coins has been sent to @ Protategottahate and @ KevinLau4 Enjoy and great video! Thanks for your support @ Steven
  23. Hello theres no difference, anyone who donates 50 + can claim Gold member tag on discord
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