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  3. Raeyn

    0 Ping Issue?

    Does no one have an answer to this..? Ive seen admins post on other parts of the forum but not get back to me here?
  4. Crybaby lmao, same goes right back at you, you're just lucky I wasn't petty enough to cry to monk about you harrassing too scrub LOL stay ez
  5. Hello, there's no refunds stated in our terms of service.
  6. not the first time. harassing new players and myself past 2 weeks. submitted several screenshots on discord over a period of time
  7. I bought something on premium shop and i am wondering if and how i can return what i bought.
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  9. Hi Siren, to my knowledge I do not believe so however please try the download and update me with any issues you encounter during any part of the way.
  10. So, I just re-downloaded this game for the nostalgia trip.. load up, make the character, everything is smooth.. then as soon as I go to join a game to kinda re-learn the controls I have 0 ping and cannot move.. find it odd, leave the game, go join a channel where there are other games, try and join one there, everyone else is moving and playing no issue but im still on 0 ping and unable to move or do much of anything.. any reason behind this
  11. Lol interesting, anyways be sure to add our servers title on YouTube's title description etc and get random rewards!
  12. visit Then register, then download client by clicking Download Tab and choose one mirror then install.
  13. so this guy was acting like a god on a public duel room cause i had 160 hp/ap in total with 7 dmg sgs XD acted mighty n calling me a trash etc etc XD i asked him to 1v1 with my stats and this happened XD : and at the moment i stopped playing he was telling ppl that i was potshotting XD so here's the video of our FUN 1v1 !!!!!!!! : pretty sad your only kill was when u spiked... o and also here's the gifs casue u can't really spot with youtube heavy compression (frame by frame) : well atleast you're rank 2 raven stay egoing ppl with ur 11 dmg sgs and ur tank XD ur good bro 111!111!!11!
  14. hate to make things redundant but does that mean there is no way to register for the most current version of gunz online or is there a registration issue that is simply kicking me off. me and friends of mine would like to play as it would be a nostalgic trip but if thats not possible then I guess it is what it is.
  15. Try uninstalling it delete all the files and re dl and install again?
  16. Hello, M2O Gaming GunZ The duel not exist 12 years ago, this a new database.
  17. to start off I should probably establish that I have never modded or hacked my previous game. I say that only because I know how strict those rules where 8 years ago and probably are still to this day. so to summarize my issue. I cant access my old account as the passwords had "PERIODS" in it I assume, or the fact that I haven't played since high school which was 12 years ago. and so I guess I would have to make a new account. and I followed the process only to find that when I submit my entry I get a message prompt saying something went wrong. please help.
  18. use this link and click “register now” which your find under where you log in. if you have any further issues best too join the discord which people are always on and can assist you. You can also find this on the website above
  19. i made accs for both gunz and the m20 website. and itt wont let me log in
  20. Equipping 2 Skill Ring 20% EXP will give 20% exp and does not give 40%. Probably should add description to prevent people from buying 2.
  21. UserID: XDBYTHEWAY Character names: ElloPeople Explanation: i was banned because i was toxic so im really sorry please unban me im really bored | Contact Information: Discord | ahmed ツ#3413
  22. Psil


    I will be hosting events starting in 30 minutes, we've got a good amount of people online right now and I want to see all of you! Come online to win premium items!
  23. Absolutely, there are players online right now. Try again, let me know if the problem consists. I will try and help you.
  24. i installed the game today, i used to play it when i was a kid lol i cant see any server in the game why tho ?
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