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  3. Behold a current list of all the teams partaking as of now : EARLLLLL & Lede - Team 1 InaPanix & Shunpo - Team 2 Kade & Coniption - Team 3 BakuraGz & Magicfingers - Team 4 Kehlain & Doomkilla - Team 5 Shunposmom & Strasi - Team 6 Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura - Team 7 Avivkm & Turtletits - Team 7.1 Bongfire & Bigsultan - Team 8 Hemp & Pose - Team 9 ShroudedFear & Mujunstyle - Team 10 Mature & Threya - Team 11 Godbless & Infernal - Team 12
  4. Hello, please use the proper report format : to submit any reports properly.
  5. i would like to report Zodiac for beening really bad and mean to me saying veryy very bad words . i have nothing against him nor talk to him but he felt really confident about saying u can do whatever u want there is 20 players right now . so im asking you please to look at this point and help me cuz i did nothing to him he also egoo so much fisrt game
  6. Hi what was your discord iD
  7. is this troll? why ru trynin to solicit snap back sales on gunz lolz O.O
  8. lol Man, I was really mad when I wrote this, because obviously I have been the same for a while now. Some GunZ servers have added my sword to the game which was cool to see, yet I had to fight for that as well.
  9. Hello, this will be your first warning please do not spam.
  10. Please help me Sir Monk i don't like the yellow i wan't black color i hope you will help
  11. Join our discord, i can try help you remotely.
  12. Hello, you cannot change our vip once you've chosen it.
  13. Hallo Sir Monk can you help me to change my color of my VIP i have color yellow i wan't to change color black can you help me to change my color to black Character name in game : Ok That's all thank you so much
  14. This happens to me occasionally I just reopen it and it runs fine, run it as administrator also
  15. Cool story bro lol
  16. Someone banned me with no warning at all, and All I wanted to do was be a pro gunz player, have a cape and bladeless kitana made ingame , and to sell merch. Someone wanted to argue that $35 was too much for a snap back, when normal sports caps sell for way more if not $30. I pmed that person my thoughts and next thing you know I get banned. Do you know what it’s like to meet your most respected celebrity only to discover they hate you for no reason? That’s kinda what it’s like to have such great ambition for this game only to be discarded and dismissed as if in return the community had nothing but disdain for my goals and ideals. Around every corner theres another negative individual who plays the same game trying to stand in my way for some reason , when it comes to being successful from this game. I wasn’t just kicked out of the discord, I was banned as if I were some kind of nazi or something. I didn’t even so much as insult anyone or use profanity. That means whoever banned me doesn’t care about my ambition, my love for Gunz, or my life for that matter. Thats what pisses me off the most. Not even so much as a warning, yet you call yourselves admins? Gunz players? I guess they just don’t make’m like they used to anymore.. I would like to know who banned me, and let it be known that I should be admin as well because clearly none of you with the exception of a few are worthy of your role’s in imo. They’re too green ; new gens that never played iGunz . I’ll show you what it means to be a true admin. I know I may sound pretentious to some of you but I assure you the person that banned me is more 10,000times more petty .
  17. Hello what was your character name?
  18. Hi, I dont remember my username but i do my passord, I cant seem to find a way to send a recovery of my username in the website My email is [email protected]
  19. These are great classic and simple!
  20. Firstly, you're in no position to say "don't mess with me". You accused me of something I did not do. Secondly, your whole law based post means nothing here. If you're caught doing something you shouldn't be doing, it is a player's duty to record it and submit it. When you agreed to our ToS to play the game, this is what you fell upon. Don't try and act almighty because you got violated in a PvP game, people will bark all kinds. If you truly are guilty of something, we won't hesitate to take action, be it a simple mute or a ban. Period.
  21. Waiting for a good reply and explanation for missunderstanding pls do not hate or ignore this
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