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  1. Yesterday
  2. This was already solved you received double gold coins
  3. Hello i sent you double gold coins enjoy
  4. faultydraco is my gunz user id and dr****([email protected] is my paypal
  5. Hi i sent double coins enjoy!
  6. Hi what is your Gunz user id and paypal email?
  7. I bought 20.00USD worth of coins and it's been a few minutes and it has yet to reflect on my account.
  8. Hello didn't receive my 20 euro donation coins. IGN: Treeason UserID: aloushi paypal email: a*********[email protected]
  9. I got 5 Eur of coins and never got it plz help
  10. Last week
  11. Players Name(s): skatistapro Rule broken: Rejoiner Proof: (Screenshots) In the screens I show my steady increase in deaths from getting killed by him, but when he gets a chance before he's about to die he rejoins. My own score proves it's the same game.
  12. Hi i've added double gold coins to your account enjoy!
  13. Did not receive coins after donating. User: CelestialVenus In-game user: Saturn Paypal: ricardo****
  14. coloquei ouro na minha conta e não recebe nada na minha conta MROCTOPOS
  15. This was already solved we sent you double gold coims
  16. Hi we have sent you double to your account : enrickpel12
  17. Hey i just bought a good amount of gold and i didn<t receive it, if i can have help i woulkd appreciete it , Thanks !
  18. i didnt recieve my gold username SJK05
  19. Already solved Via email
  20. Earlier
  21. Hi we sent you double Gold coins enjoy!
  22. my account didnt recieve its gold, gayblackie donation email [email protected]
  23. Hey we sent you double gold coins
  24. didnt recieve coiins ign : UltraNoob1 paypal id is : s******(((([email protected]
  25. Takes 5 seconds to join discord its simple go to this post and read it
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