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  2. I don't see anything wrong other than everyone elses ping showing up as a very high number, are you using a MAC computer with BootCamp? i didn't see any teleporting of your character, and movements seem to be fine in this video, perhaps your mouse is on the fritz. as well if it is just aiming that seems to be messing up. noticed a small jitter in the beginning of video. Do you have Discord? perhaps i can join a game with you to see your ping and gather more info. Discord: My discord name is: xYuzi/SomethingXD My IGN is: SomethingXD Hope we can figure this out for you!
  3. Yes sure! Gunz 2020-02-23 12-29-28.avi
  4. Last week
  5. yeah your right dude!. let's play my ign : butchikchok
  6. this game is so amazing dude!
  7. im having fun with m2o gunz i like it because of how classi and nostalgic it is and alot of people to play with to play with.
  8. this game was so amazing
  9. Monk


    Can you try recording using f10 key then share it with us?
  10. Hello Gunz'ers, beginning this Sunday 02/22/2020, M2O Gaming Team will be organizing the next GUNZ Tournament. We are going to list multiple choices to see the type of GunZ Tournament we should be hosting next! Based on players preferences. However, the choices is based on whichever poll gets the most Votes will be our next Tournament so start Voting this poll is open until March 03/03/2020!
  11. Thanks Monk, It was 300, I writed 250 but same problem.. My internet connection is very good and the game worked well before (same laptop / same internet connection) ...
  12. ayo be sure to sub to jeff makes content thank you and it's wet like watar look at curry man
  13. Monk


    Hello also try checking your FPS in game simpy type /myfps on GunZ to check your frame rates. Make sure it's around 250 in-game options.
  14. maybe you're launce are not good proper download or depends you're internet or you're laptop are not good thank's
  15. Hi, I have a big problem when I play to the game. I am an old player from France, I havn't problem until now. One day, I start the game and I spiking a lot, my character teleports and it's not possible to play. All the pings of other player move of normal ping (50-100) to big ping (200-500). My internet connection is very good, 28.29 mbps and I play with laptop. I tried to download the game another time, to restart my modem but no improvement of the problem.. Can you help me please? Kind regard.
  16. Hi, how are you, I'm new to this, but I have played gunz since before and I love it. UserID: Nevermind
  17. how do i upload crosshairs to the game?
  18. Earlier
  19. Nickolause


    it's done for the free coins
  20. i'm you're squad too
  21. Welcome to the team gunz the duels
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