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    Clan name: Hush vs MesSiRve Hush: Faga, FlowMaster MesSiRve RompePoto Athena 01 https://failiem.lv/u/4qsmtg7v9 - screenshot of them streaking https://failiem.lv/u/gj7fduxkd - didnt know how to record on screen, so just made a video on my phone 40seconds long video, in 40seconds cw is done, because when it starts Messirve clan just leaves
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    Whoa what a cool vid i enjoyed it!!!! Sent you some coins too enjoy
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    Whoaaa lovely video!!! sent you some coins enjoy!
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    Hello guys Coins has been sent out to everyone that submitted their video and followed the proper format. The Free 300 Gold Coins per video will be closed for next few days stay tuned we'll Unlock this post again be sure to save up your video links!