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    Hi, please be sure to follow report format next time using F11 to record replay and F12 for screenshot.
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    Thanks for the report, Jacky. We have dealt with the player shown above. See you in game. ~Psil
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    Thanks for the report, Kimashi. We have dealt with the player shown. See you in game ~Psil
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    https://gyazo.com/ae98972da8679818fe9e7dff43e0b9a4 IGN: Floot Type of report: Harrassment Floot still being toxic as ever lol.. A temp mute or something would maybe make him rethink his ways or chats idk, up to you guys to decide :) Idk how to post images or it won't let me because the files are too big so if gyazo doesn't show lmk :) Also I'd report Yanny too but, I believe GM Rajza (I forgot his ign) already took care of that in that room xD