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    Hi coins added with double coins
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    NAME: Popu Reason for report: RACIST and REJOINS games. Seriously, I really thought this server was full of cool people and staff, but knowing that this openly racist disgusting behavior is allowed really drops this servers ratings by a TON. Doesn't make me even want to think of purchasing any G-coin and continuing to play here. Every game I'm in this player comes with different accounts to SPAM racist disgusting comments and tries to kick me out of every game. This needs to be BANNED or PERMANANTLY MUTED.
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    Newest Youtube post for coins (Dbernabe1) Featuring my Baby sister
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    My Youtube post for coins. Username: Dbernabe1 Posted in discord, reddit, and forum.
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    Crusader's Intro Video
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    These are some of the most epic openigns ive seen for intro !
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    SenpaiSensei Intro Video
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    SenpaiSensei Outr Vid
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    Bloodline Intro Video