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    •Kings of Cold Steel - Gladiator Tournament• Brief: Hello and welcome all, to this year's gladiator tournament. As per usual, M2O will be hosting a gladiator tournament to depict this year's King of the sword. However, this time around, we're going to be doing it slightly different. Details: • The tournament will follow standard gladiator regulations ; 100hp : 50 ap (No 103:47, 110:40 permitted, purely bounty items) • The weapon permitted will be only Rusty Sword (15 damage) or Iron Kodachies (14 damage). Daggers are not permitted. • Flipping and peddling will not be enabled or permitted • No elements or additional items will be allowed (Rings, guns, enchants etc) • All games must be recorded or streamed (Both if possible) • Games will be evaluated to see if they were clean (fair play, no peddling, macros etc). If your game is deemed to have been illicit be it macros or any other form, the match will asked to be redone with a GM present to oversee it. Failure to do so will cause a disqualification to the accused team. • This is a 2v2 tournament. You must find yourself an eligible candidate and sign up with them. Users cannot be registered in multiple teams. In order to qualify, I will need both users to PM me or a staff member on discord or in game to confirm their entry. If by chance they aren't allowed on discord due to a ban / kick, a screenshot of their discord message to you agreeing to it will suffice. Their in game name will be necessary when registering, including yours. • Registration period will be the entire month of November, so November 1st - November 30th • Matches will take place as of December first, more than 1 match up can be done in a day if everything aligns properly and both teams consent. Teams will be given 7 days max to fight. If one team is not available after 7 days, they will be disqualified. • The games will consist of 20 rounds. No rejoining or your team will forfeit that round. The team that wins 11/20 rounds advances to the next stage. • This is not a ringer match, meaning you both will be fighting along side at the same time. Purely 2 v 2 style. • The maps selected can either be 1 mutually accepted map, or 10 rounds 1 map and 10 rounds the other map, to give fairness to both sides. • On the topic of friendly fire ; By default it will be off...However if both teams agree to it (all 4 players) it can be enabled for your fight, to spice your games • All 4 players must bow each other The Prizes: 1st place - VIP 90 Days, Crown for 90 days, Customized sword & armor set exclusive to this year's glad tournament, 500 gold coins each player. 300 Event coins each player, 1 special avatar each player for 90 days. 2nd place - VIP 60 Days, 400 Gold coins each player, 200 Event coins each player, customized armor exclusive to this year's glad tournament to each player for 60 days. 3rd place - VIP 30 days, 300 gold coins per player, 100 event coins per player, customized armor exclusive to this year's glad tournament to each player for 30 days. If there's any inquiries, feel free to PM me on discord or in game (same name, Eriviren) for more information. *Disclaimer : Some stuff are subject to change*
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    It was a long ride for M2O Gamers, King of Gladiator championship! We enjoyed seeing alot of experienced GUNZ Gladiators taking part in this Tournament. Which was an outstanding performance by many we've encountered! and the finals came down to Colin (Lede) VS Shunpo. Colin won the finals and takes the King of Gladiator's Crown Congratulations see you all again in the Next Tournament! M2O GunZ King of Glad Tournament 2019.zip
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    Thanks for the report, Kimashi. We have dealt with the player shown. See you in game ~Psil
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    Brief History of InnoStars In the year of 2009, InnoStars was formed. Innovative idea: To push the limits of questing to new and exciting possibilities. In ijji, star players revolutionized the questing scene and became the top Pro-Quest* clan. In Aeria, the clan started to become inactive as members grew older. InnoStars had moved to *** and now to GunZ the last Duel. InnoStars Tryout Requirement -Solo Dungeon Page 41 *Everything is allowed. Message any InnoStars member for tryout. Recommended Mindset: -Interest -Motivation - Clear thinking - Determination - Intelligent mind Recommended Skillset: -English -Basic K-style -Teamwork/Plan Lock Lure Mob Ride Elevate Kill Order** Spawn Control*** Map Awareness NPC Behaviour Manipulation**** NPC Spawn Manipulation***** Tryout Example: Search "InnoStars Tryout" on Youtube. InnoStars Contact Leader: -Various Admin: -Kagari, Elegance etc. *: Pro-Quest is a type of extreme quest gameplay where insane situations are enforced upon oneself to push one to one's own limits. **: Kill Order is a skill of developing a priority of which npcs to target and kill in an orderly and reasoned manner. ***: Spawn Control is simply controlling the spawn rates of the npcs and the types of npcs that are being spawned. ****: NPC Behaviour Manipulation is the understanding of npcs movements, attack pattern, range, cooldown, and manipulating it to benefit oneself. *****: NPC Spawn Manipulation is the understanding of npcs spawn positions, spawn timings, spawn total and manipulating it to benefit oneself.
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    Firstly, you're in no position to say "don't mess with me". You accused me of something I did not do. Secondly, your whole law based post means nothing here. If you're caught doing something you shouldn't be doing, it is a player's duty to record it and submit it. When you agreed to our ToS to play the game, this is what you fell upon. Don't try and act almighty because you got violated in a PvP game, people will bark all kinds. If you truly are guilty of something, we won't hesitate to take action, be it a simple mute or a ban. Period.
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    this is my reaction when ppl run with the Large Skull..! > <
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    I beg your pardon? I accused you of what exactly? All I've seen is your complaining that people are killing you. It's a player versus player game, there's no set in stone regulations for how a game is played. If you want a straight path, go quest then. Don't take it out on the server as a whole or other players who they themselves, are just playing to enjoy the game. Also if I was to legitimately accuse you of doing something, I would have given you an official warning.
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    Hello based on many reports we've collected, you were creating your own problems on regular basis. You really have hard time controlling your emotions and often angry you cuss out players everyday we have a place for you in community however, if you continue to behave this way this violates our terms of service and we have to take action.
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    No matter what interactive game online you play, you will come across people who troll and ego you. Don’t take it too heart, if someone is harassing you that much report it and let the it be handled by staff...
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    Played since 2008 although im new here and trying to figure out if im too old for this shit
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    Hello, we allow 3 custom crosshairs, you can enable by naming them like this crosshair1, crosshair2, crosshair3
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    hmmm i dont remember mmmmm BUT ok i thik maybe you have to add "_1" after the 2nd crosshair then "_2" for the next! this could be incorrect but you can try, add those to each of the crosshair names if that doesnt wortk then just replace the custom crosshair manually o 3o
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    have you ever logged into ANY GunZ server and there were no rooms? WELL if you create a standard room and sit there a while you might get people in FAST this is the bait for FISHING can make a room while sleeping or taking a shower, any chores? start a room! because not many people want to start the room they just want to play a room that's already existing but if you donate some of your time to try and GROW a room then bless your heart! BUT this can fail if you don't know what people want! THE Best rooms In my opinion to make are : 16 players, Infinite Time, Gladiator at Battle Arena 16 Players, Inf Time, Deathmatch in Town 16 Players, Inf Time, Deathmatch Mansion these can change depending on how the times are but atm these have worked best! Deathmatch is the new Training room K/d is USELESS in general but especially GunZ because of lack of normality/popularity ohh btw Quest is good too! as a warm up then suggest switching to Deathmatch or something..!! THanks youuuuu
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    Woohoo & Yeehaw i made yeehaw because woohoo is getting full! anyone and everyone can join either! you get admin as well everyone gets admin! if u join yeehaw i may even gift you a cowboy set if you really want..!
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    Another piece of work I worked on while I was bored
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    Account ID: chloe12 Character name: CoVID12
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    In our clan we perform hidden Monk-KungFU with swords, as well as ninjutsu!
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    Hello Gunz'ers, beginning this Sunday 02/22/2020, M2O Gaming Team will be organizing the next GUNZ Tournament. We are going to list multiple choices to see the type of GunZ Tournament we should be hosting next! Based on players preferences. However, the choices is based on whichever poll gets the most Votes will be our next Tournament so start Voting this poll is open until March 03/03/2020!
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    -Official Monk Style Guide- Created By Monk 2007 Finally decided to release original Guide which has been sitting around my old desktop for 13 Years. -Introduction- Monk Style (M-Style) is concept and a fighting style within Korean Style that goes beyond limits to perfect sword techniques to conquer everyone without cheating with software and or hardware. The four major techniques of Monk Style are called Four Divine Gates; Dragon Gate, Tortoise Gate, Tiger Gate, and Phoenix Gate. These 4 Major Gates are called t Divine Gates. Directions: Several techniques in Four Divine Gates are unique because they use at least two keys for the same command. You will have to modify the keyboard settings within the game in order to perform these techniques to its peak. However, it will take time to get used to these modifications. There is no specific key configuration for any of these techniques, but we strongly encourage you to play with the keyboard and mouse settings to your preferences. Requirements: It is extremely difficult to perform some Monk Style techniques with frame-per-second lag, so a fast gaming computer with a good graphic card that allows high frame rates, a sensitive keyboard and or mouse that allows you to click and type quickly with ease is recommended. It is also recommended to have a mouse that supports five buttons or more. -Dragon Gate - (Chung Ryong of East)- The Dragon Gate is a very powerful weapon; it is full offense and brute strength. This technique is used to perform full speed Static Triple Butterfly. -Stance One- Do not time it one Slash>Block combo at a time. Do the Key-Press combination at least six times per Jump. For example, according to the following Key Setting: 1 + 3= Attack, 2 + 4 = Block you would press in a single Jump: 1>2> 3>4> 1>2> 3>4> 1>2> 3>4 = 6 Key-Presses / Each Finger Taps 3 Times / 3 Slash>Block Animations Executed In other words: 1>2>3>4 = 1 Slash>Block Animation Executed You can also do 6 Finger Taps for each finger which mean 12 Key-Presses in one jump. This is preferred. You should see three Slash>Block combinations per Jump. Record a replay and you will see Animation Freeze from your character. -Stance Two- Stance Two is technically a messed up version of Stance One. Instead of having three Slash>Block combinations perfectly executed in one Jump, there will only be two, which would mean you are doing a Double Butterfly. -How to use Dragon Gate effectively and efficiently- Take advantage of your Key Configuration. The game limits us to two keys for each command, but most people limit themselves to only one. "Do not limit yourself. Go beyond limits." - Monk Some people may think that Dragon Gate is useless in combat due to lack of mobility, but ever considered using Directional commands along with this technique? Uneducated players would assume that Dragon Gate is all about "standing still and doing Static Triple Butterfly" while being vulnerable to a variety of attacks from your opponent. Rather than doing it just standing still, you can press a Directional command and use its momentum to control your movement. Use the momentum of Single Butterflies for quick change in directions. Direct your movements with full control and do Ground and Sky Slash accordingly. Only stand still while doing Dragon Gate when your opponent is standing at a corner or in small, cramped up areas where your opponent lacks space. If you do it while standing still in open areas, you will be vulnerable to “sword tapping”, meaning people can tap your sword to make you Massive and open you up. Always try to stick to your opponent. Psychologically, most people would try to back away from you, but if you stick to your opponent, it will be very difficult for them to walk out without being severely damaged. -Tortoise Gate (Hyun Moo of North)- This Gate is all about defending oneself to the fullest as well to counter attack. Steps: Block>Repeat Master the blocking technique while standing still. Experiment with this: Stand still and tap your Block button(s) as fast as you can and watch the animation of your sword. Key-press timing with only three taps of the Block button is possible, but I do not suggest it. It would be easier if you use two Block Buttons. Although with different types of hardware, the Key-Press method will vary, but it must always be controlled and done correctly. Key-press example: Ctrl = Block, Alt = Block Using one finger for each key, press... Ctrl > Alt > Ctrl > Alt > Ctrl > Alt = Three Block Animations Executed Ctrl > Alt = One Block Animation Executed In the end, each of your fingers will only press three times or more if desired. Another method would just be pressing one Block Button, but you would have to tap the same button six times, which is harder. This is the same if you were to do Turtle Gate while jumping. Your sword should not be in big movements (This is easy, but slow, inefficient and incorrect) Instead, try to have small movements. Record a replay of yourself and watch your sword carefully. If done correctly, you should see your sword freeze. For example: When you are idle, your Character’s right arm is neutral and will slightly move back and fourth. For Animation Freeze, the arm and sword will freezes and your character leans a bit more forward. The tip of t sword should also be vibrating. Practice this technique until you can make it constant with very little to no breaks in the Animation Freeze. Make sure you have a comfortable set of key-setting. Create a preference. -Stance One- Steps: Jump>Block>Block>Block Once you have mastered Tortoise Gate while standing still, try to add in the jump. When you jump, make sure you do not pause in between each jump. Let it flow with no delay. While in the air, watch your character's arm and make sure it Blocks at least three times per jump. Practice this technique until you can continue the animation freeze. It would be easier if you use two Block buttons as stated before. This means you are actually attempting six Blocks rather than three, but instead you are really only executing three Block Animations. -Tiger Gate (Baekho of West)- Baekho means white tiger. It represents agility and dexterity. This technique is mainly used for aerial sword fighting. Steps: Jump>Dash>Slash>Jump>Block Double Command buttons can make it faster, but Single keys are fine, but should be done in fast motions. -Phoenix Gate (Ju Jak of South)- This Gate is about intelligence, that one must be intelligent and flexible with perfection. There are about two techniques in Phoenix Gate; single and double-slash. In this Gate, you must rely on perfect timing to achieve full speed. -Stance One- Steps: Slash>Block(Ground Butterfly) Do not cancel the Slash too fast or you will lose the hit. Sometimes allowing a little delay in between two steps is better. Practice until you can do it FAST. You can also do it while pressing Forward or do a Dash>Slash>Block combination. -Stance Two- Steps: Slash>Slash>Block Slash and then wait a little before doing the second Slash. Immediately after the second Slash, Block. Ex: *Slash-1...........Slash-2..Block* Or you can do the opposite way, which is to tap Slash really fast, wait for the delay and then block. -Walking and Dashing- In between each repetition of the combos, you can add in a Dash, or just press a Directional Button while doing Phoenix Gate. -FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)- Q: What is a technique? A: A technique is the method in which one performs a move. Q: What is a move? A: A move is a combination of Commands. Q: Does Monk Style require Mouse Rebinder and does Monk use it? A: No, I never admitted to using Mouse Rebinder/3rd Party macro Razor mamba Jamba Kamba Nama etc.. or other fancy gaming products. keep in mind, they did not have these back in the days. These techniques are achieved through hard work after Years/Month's of dedication training in prison map and he strongly disproves of cheating. I simply used five-button-mouse which is 100% legit and is totally different than. Approved for children of all ages! -The Concept of Monk Style and Animation Freeze- Monk Style is an individual style. Monk created the name for it so that he can trademark a set of techniques that perform preexisting K-Style however advanced techniques K-style did not know or explain back then Just as K-Style was introduced by Kraise (Korean) M-Style was explained by Monk thus we were both above time back then GunZ community was not as educated back then. K-Style and M-Style neither was founded by the GunZ Creators but discovered by players from GunZ. These advanced techniques is to move at full speed and breaking basic limits. Monk Style is advanced techniques which is part of Korean Style which consists of mainly four techniques called Four Divine Gates; "Monk Style is the idea of canceling the delay in between a Move to Command, Slash, Block, and Dash to its limit while only wielding a sword at hand."-SenseofTouch Several reasons to why so many people think that several Monk Style techniques are done through the use of 3rd Part Programs are because of the "Animation Freeze" and or the speed in which it’s done. I have once been told that it is impossible to cancel the sword delay to zero speed. That is correct, but it is wrong to think that I am actually canceling the delay to zero speed. When the appearance of Zero Speed Animation occurs, the person performing the technique in Monk Style will see all of the animation. Other people see otherwise. They will see the sword stiff up and freeze, leading to the disbelievers' assumption of Zero Speed Animation. This is similar to the Animation Lock in Wind Step because when performing it, only other people see the Animation Lock, not the performer who’s executing it. The idea of Animation Freeze, as mentioned in the above quote, is also within the Dashing technique. If you do a Dash>Repeat combination with correct timing, other people will see you glide silently across the floor. Animation Freeze means that you are at the limit to how much delay in between each combination of a Move, Sub Move, or Command you can cancel while only wielding a sword. Not all techniques in Monk Style involve Animation Freeze. Animation Freeze is only a feature of Monk Style. Monk took advantage of that fact and created his techniques to perform fast actions without cheating. Monk Style is all about pushing Animation Cancellation to the limit to reach its peak. It is purely legit and no less formidable than anything else in GunZ Online. Animation Freeze: ---------------------------------- -Origins and History of Monk Style- At first, it was difficult for even Sense to believe that Monk Style was legit, but he brought up the courage to do something that might have been totally fictional. He decided to do the unpopular thing amongst all other players, which had led him to become a victim to many personal bashings. Sense tried to follow Monk's horrible instructions and used all of what he had told him as a base to continue developing on his own. He experimented with different key settings and tapping patterns, recorded hundreds of replays of myself just to check on his progression. It was when he saw his first Animation Freeze done intentionally that he concluded that Monk was telling the truth. It was only for a split second, but the Animation Freeze was there. He was very surprised and at the same time, very happy. From that moment on, Sense began to fully support Monk. He had done a lot of philosophical brainstorming and research using provided replays, videos, old explanations, etc. He had several theories and eventually concluded everything with the concept and explanation of Animation Freeze. Several loyal members of Monk clan made public explanations of Monk Style and they did not seem to truly understand it. Even they thought that Monk Style was an individual style. It was when Monk told Sense that styles are just labels where he quickly removed that definition from Monk Style. For a while, Sense thought that Monk Style was “a set of techniques", but after some critical thinking, he concluded that Monk Style consists of a categorized set of techniques within Korean Style and with the use of mainly the Four Divine Gates, it’s an individual “fighting” style as well as a concept. The concept involved in these techniques explains how it is possible to execute them. Sense used all this knowledge that he had obtained through several months to defend Monk Style from the public. Following directly under Monk, he became an Extraordinary and had earned him his current title. Monk = God of Monk Style SenseofTouch = King of Monk Style "As you advance, you will be called a hacker". -Monk -Monk Style Family Tree- Founders: Monk, God of Monk Style SenseofTouch, King of Monk Style ---- Disciples: Blade Graffiti, First Descendant of Monk Style Saibal, Dharma of Monk Style Last Updated: October 19, 2007
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    Register and Download GunZ from our official GunZ Website Click Here! GunZ is Currently open to the West and International gamers Across worldwide overseas! M2O gaming Network, a Private Gaming Network, hosting Nostalgic games such as GUNZ, and continues to thrive till this day. GunZ the Duel is a free-to-play online third-person shooter developed by MAIET Entertainment in the early 2000s. GunZ has movement options that are HEAVILY inspired by ‘The Matrix’, some bumpin’ tunes, and some pretty laughable voice acting. Players create their character and build a load out including up to two ranged weapons (Pistols, SMGs, Revolvers, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers), one melee weapon (Sword, Kodachis, Dagger), Armor(Head, Torso, Legs, Gloves, Boots), two sub items (Grenades, Flashbangs, Smoke Bombs, Health Kits, Armor Kits) and two rings. The game is a lobby based system where the host can set up different game types such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Gladiator, Team Gladiator, Spy, Duels, Assassination, etc… The movement in this game is heavily based on ‘The Matrix’ …and it. Is. AWESOME! After players joined a lobby they were dropped into one of many pretty sizable maps and could run around pretty freely. You could run along or up walls, jump off them, do Max Payne-esq dives with your guns out, dash around with a sword. Everything in the game felt really satisfying to do and made you feel like you were cool AF. The game would be cool enough on it’s own, but some time late into the Korean release of GunZ there was a coding oversight that actually lead to an evolution of gameplay that would push the physical capabilities of the player base and increase the speed of gameplay by 200%. After this patch was release people figured out that you were able to cancel certain animations with others and create new movement sequences. I’m going to break down two before moving forward because otherwise I would be writing a master’s thesis on advanced game mechanics for a sixteen year old free-to-play game. all Cancel [Wall Jump > Slash or Stab > Dash (back to wall)]: Alright, so remember how I said you could run up or jump off walls? the downside to jumping off walls was that after you did it…you couldn’t really do much else. Sure, you could look around, or shoot your guns, but outside of that you were just kinda locked into a fixed animation and fall trajectory. Well thanks to the previously mentioned coding error players found out that you could now cancel this back/side flip animation with a sword slash(or dagger stab), and since the sword slash animation is so short you would go back to a neutral position way quicker than you would if you just wall jumped, and since you’re in a neutral position you can just dash back towards the wall and repeat…and each time you did this you would gain a little more height. This was a HUGE discovery because it took the game, which was mostly fought on the ground, and brought it to the skies! This sequence meant you could stay in the air for an indefinite amount of time, provided you could still make it back to a wall. ash Shot [Jump > Dash > Slash (hold) > Switch to Gun > Shot]: So I mentioned that you can do these Max Payne dives with your gun out. While they look pretty bad ass they are…less than optimal. You move at a fixed speed and direction and since it was a long animation it left you pretty vulnerable. So the only mobility option when using your guns was pretty bad and walking around in general was really slow…like really slow…I’m surprised I’m only just now thinking about how slow the regular walk speed was…So anyway, how the hell are you supposed to move around with your guns out…in this game called GunZ. Welp! Thanks to the previously mentioned oversight of slash being able to cancel animations you were able to dash around with your sword, perform this move, and have incredible mobility while still being able to shoot. This meant you could quickly engage to point blank range with a shotgun, and disengage just as quick. hose are just the tip of the iceberg on advanced mechanics, for a few more you can visit our GunZ Guide and Style Section here explained by many experienced GunZ Players. Click Here
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    Why is no one else posted here? i love all of the above and currently watching GOH , Black Clover, Fruits Baskest. it's just too many really.
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    Hello, we took action based on the provided evidence.
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    Hello do you still play? I’ve recently come back haven’t actively played since ijji either.
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    Play GunZ Here : https://gunzduels.com/ GunZ fanpage : https://facebook.com/GunzTheDuels GunZ Discord : https://discord.gg/dpyKN6R Hello M2O GunZ Fans! This is a player hosted Tournament by Joe @Horror The Gun Knight April, 2020 GunZ Elimination bracket style Crown Tournament. This is going to be a 2 vs 2 gunners tournament. There will be no item restrictions, however only g-coin premium shop items and in-game bounty items will be allowed. No donator cash items. Each bracket will play 3 - 10 round matches to determine the winner. The first team to win two games advances to the next bracket. Each round will be 10 minutes long with maps being chosen by a randomizer from the list of clan war maps. To enter, simply submit your ign line up (with sub one max) including your clan name to @Horror via DM on discord which will be be added to the roster. Each players can only play for ONE clan in the tournament. Winning team members will win prizes based on how many clans sign up prizes will be announced once sign up is over. Matches will be announced on [date] on discord/in game so stay tuned until then to participate. Beware, if you cannot complete full tourney and someone else takes your place during one of the matches. Only those who participated in finals will receive prize unless agreed upon by those involved otherwise. Pass this around and find your Team and your greatest opponents! See you all in M2O Gaming Network GunZ!
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    Hello, we took action based on the given evidence. This post will be locked now.
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    Solved, coins has been added you can repurchase these items!?
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    Come check out our official instagram page @ www.instagram.com/m2ogunz Leave a like, comment and follow for new updates, events, or just some silly pictures from the gunz community! If you have any content you would like posted there leave a reply and I can see what I can do.
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    https://gyazo.com/ae98972da8679818fe9e7dff43e0b9a4 IGN: Floot Type of report: Harrassment Floot still being toxic as ever lol.. A temp mute or something would maybe make him rethink his ways or chats idk, up to you guys to decide :) Idk how to post images or it won't let me because the files are too big so if gyazo doesn't show lmk :) Also I'd report Yanny too but, I believe GM Rajza (I forgot his ign) already took care of that in that room xD
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    Hello, you cannot change our vip once you've chosen it.