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    Clan name: Hush vs MesSiRve Hush: Faga, FlowMaster MesSiRve RompePoto Athena 01 https://failiem.lv/u/4qsmtg7v9 - screenshot of them streaking https://failiem.lv/u/gj7fduxkd - didnt know how to record on screen, so just made a video on my phone 40seconds long video, in 40seconds cw is done, because when it starts Messirve clan just leaves
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    Players: [EQ]Steven, CrissKitty, Free33, JusoIaz NEW QUESTS launched, and this is the Frostys Revenge quest.. but YES, some christmas quests :)) We had fun, JUSO DC, I'm not surprised.. pshhh... but enjoy the video, and thanks for watching:) https://youtu.be/51j7p6q0C3I
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    This is the "Armagedon" clan that was erased a long time ago, and it continues to do the same in front of the administrators, they do nothing, it takes away the playability of the game and does not make you want to play, there are players who spent it in clan war to score points and be top, for this clan to come and do swap-mammoth, lose the sense of everything, I hope they do something, because they are losing players by this kind of users who believe themselves pro, here is the evidence. Unique=Andy KingVegeta=Kyoso https://www.sendspace.com/file/33yz5g https://www.sendspace.com/file/5qqb41 https://www.sendspace.com/file/ryeewc https://www.sendspace.com/file/gjcnpg https://www.sendspace.com/file/1d091n https://www.sendspace.com/file/vuhkjc https://www.sendspace.com/file/rfs8gn
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    Hi i've added double gold coins to your account enjoy!
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    Fake Goblin King | Double Ride
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    Great quality Vacy as always! 1:32 - Most EPIC move ever!
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    Name of character : [F]emale Obvious UC/OC is obvious Unlegit in all games room and mode he play since forever Character animation is way too glitchy , Floating Gravity seem different for his char Jump duration shorter/faster His char seem to stick to ground Dash/tumble speed and lenght are not right Obvious UC/OC is obvious https://easyupload.io/j6ijeq
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    Whoaaa lovely video!!! sent you some coins enjoy!
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    Name: Devon Michael Bernabe Rodriguez IGN: (1) SenpaiSensei, (2) ThePurest, (3) Crusader1, & (4) Quazar Position Applying for: Tournament/Event Organizer Age: 26 Discord: SenpaiSensei#3928 Email: [email protected] Experience: (1) Education a. High School Diploma b. The Associates in Arts Degree c. Licensed Massage Therapist d. CURRENTLY Attending University of Central Florida’s Computer Science Program. (2) How active are you in game and forums? a. I have been a player for about 12 years. I played in IJJI days the most, followed by the couple servers that came after it before the death of the original GunZ servers. I basically survived off alternate servers until the day I rediscovered GunZDuels.com as the most nostalgic remake of the game. Now I make it a goal to play at least once a day. My sessions usually range from 1-6 hours. b. I also spend many additional hours weekly outside of my playtime for content creation for YouTube, the GunZ forum, and Discord. (3) Why do you want to be a part of M2O Gaming's GunZ staff? a. GunZ is not just a game for me, GunZ is a lifestyle. I plan to play every week for the rest of my life. I would like to be more than just a member of the community and to contribute my time and life to the development, maintenance, and/or wellbeing of the game. I am ready and willing to take on the responsibility with the skills I have, and I am willing to learn any skills that I may need but do not currently have. I have previously messaged Monk on the GunZ forum if there was any way I could contribute to the GunZ community on a general or Computer Science level. I was willing to do this for free and because I love GunZ and want to see it improve and grow. I feel like this opportunity or one similar is exactly what I was looking for to be a part of the heart of GunZ. (4) What will you bring to our GunZ, and help improve community? a. I will bring my time and dedication to improve the community in many ways. First, I will obtain any additional skills that M2O can benefit from so I may maximize my potential as a contributor to the community including but not limited to additional coding languages, data science, SQL, Hex, & anything computer science related. Secondly, I would like to create a good foundation for content creation which can include tutorials, entertainment, and the promoting of GunZ. Third, I would like to be a contributor that is involved directly with the community to be a source of support, information, and development. Lastly, I would do the job I am responsible for to the best of my ability while treating it as equally important as a responsibility in RL. (5) Do you know basic Adobe Photoshop CS5, Blender, C++, Animations? a. Adobe Photoshop CS5: YES b. Blender: NO, but I am currently learning. c. C++: NO, but I have completed other C languages and object-oriented courses. I can take C++ probably this college semester coming up. d. Animations: NO, I have played with animations, but I would not say I’m skilled enough to say yes. (6) Can you work with Microsoft SQL 2008 database? a. I will have to say NO. I am familiar with them from personal experience, but I have not professionally learned through college. I believe I will be taking a SQL related class next semester. So I do plan to be able to work with SQL this year. (7) Can you prevent hackers from hacking? a. NO. Also a skill I am interested in. If there is something specific, I would need to learn to become a white hat hacker for GunZ, I am more than willing to incorporate that skill as soon as possible into my computer science degree pathway. (8) Do you know how to edit MRS's Compile/Decompile? a. NO. I am familiar with the process, but not knowledgeable enough to answer yes. (9) Can you edit values in Hex workshop? a. NO. I have done this for other unrelated game cheats in the past for my pc or phone. But I have not done it in a professional matter for me to confidently say yes. I am however familiar with the process and believe I can learn it ASAP. (10) Why should we hire you to be accepted applicant? a. I may not have every single skill in the book, but I am an honest, hardworking, and dedicated individual who will do whatever I need to be successful in all areas of my life. Within the next 2 years I will have completed my bachelor’s in computer science. Along the way I will learn any skills or subject necessary specifically for the wellbeing and development of GunZ, the 1-2 years of becoming a well-rounded employee is nothing compared to the lifelong dedication that I will bring to the GunZ community. I will treat this job with the utmost respect by dedicating my time and effort into managing and supporting the GunZ movement. I will be a lifelong dedicated contributor. You can count on me until the end of my days! (11) Your programming and coding languages skills on a scale 1/10: i. I would rate myself a 5/10. I have taken Intro to programming (COP1000C) and C Programming (COP2220C). I am currently taking object-oriented Java programming (COP 2800C) and next semester Advanced java programming (COP2805C). Summer Semester I’m taking Computer Logic & Organization (CDA 3103) and Security in Computing (CIS 3360). Then I take my foundations exam and any additional computer science related classes of my choosing that work with the program. After that I will choose what specific areas to advance in, my favorite so far is Software Engineering. I plan to continue my career with a master’s degree in software engineering related field. So, although I may not be a 10/10, I will strive everyday until I am there. ii. Include sample of your work: CLICK WORD DOCUMENT. I am going to attach a word document to the post named A4 CALCULATOR. It is a small older beginner’s sample of coding I did when I was more of a novice. Only because its short, simple, and the only assignment I have access to right now on my secondary PC. (EDIT: I actually posted the code in the reply to the topic because a word doc would not upload (12) List other languages you speak besides English. a. Spanish. I am not completely fluent, but I do speak Spanish in my household because of Spanish speaking family members. b. I have learned a little bit of Portuguese, Arabic, Creole, and French. But I am not fluent in any of them. c. I am willing to learn popular languages that may be useful to the international community of GunZ. (13) Do you advertise videos? a. Yes. I have and will continue to advertise while creating more content to advertise. I am currently working on a trailer video for the M2O Gunz Trailer Contest, and I believe I have the creativity and execution to make it to the preliminary rounds. (14) Do you own YouTube channel? a. Yes. I have recently revamped a YouTube channel specifically dedicated to GunZ. Right now, it is plain with only 5 videos, but this is just the beginning. I will be doing support and tutorial videos soon related to GunZ. I will also be collaborating with other GunZ members on content creation. I understand that an important part to keeping the community alive is through content and advertising, so I plan to make a wave in that movement to support the cause and create some awesome content that the people will enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuPxNQ0Cj-9kdZEukzW1Jw (15) Are you mature? a. YES. I am a father, a business owner, a student, and hard worker. I have my life well organized and planned out to the point where I have freedom and time to dedicate the fun part of my life to helping the GunZ community! (16) Other: I am familiar with them, but I am not well versed yet. a. Interface b. XML c. Texture editing d. Elu's e. -PHP Coder f. Web Pages g. Security h. Panels (Admin / User) (17) Extra Comments: If I am not chosen for this job, I will still learn everything discussed in the application and look for other ways to contribute to the M2O GunZ community. I also hope you may consider me for future positions. If my denial is due to lack of skill I will apply again to an open position when I acquire the skill you demand. Thank you for the opportunity and for reading my application. I appreciate what everyone involved does for the game.
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    Great Vid Steve you earned some coins, love the choice of music and your edits!
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    Share your custom crosshair or make requests for crosshairs below! My current crosshair as of this post.
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    sept, 2011 april, 2013 created 2009 but modified in oct, 2007 so idk lol aug, 2012 idk if files working on this site atm but gyazo works through : insert other media < image URL copy the gyazo image and copy link then paste
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    Hello you need to follow instructions add link to our website in your Gunz description and make sure your feature videos are in full video settings.
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    CLAN_ [001] _ShalDre_2021-06-07_20-07-57_Villains.gzrmiren su underclock que esta usando ya es muy abusivo su ping 80 y demasiado se spikea su pj Dary porfavor revisar el video muchas gracias Saluditos ^ - ^ me encanta M20
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    Hi your coins were doubled for this weeks bonus hope you enjoy
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    Hi, please be sure to follow report format next time using F11 to record replay and F12 for screenshot.
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    Thanks for the report, Jacky. We have dealt with the player shown above. See you in game. ~Psil
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    Thanks for the report, Kimashi. We have dealt with the player shown. See you in game ~Psil
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    -Official Monk Style Guide- Created By Monk 2007 Finally decided to release original Guide which has been sitting around my old desktop for 13 Years. -Introduction- Monk Style (M-Style) is concept and a fighting style within Korean Style that goes beyond limits to perfect sword techniques to conquer everyone without cheating with software and or hardware. The four major techniques of Monk Style are called Four Divine Gates; Dragon Gate, Tortoise Gate, Tiger Gate, and Phoenix Gate. These 4 Major Gates are called t Divine Gates. Directions: Several techniques in Four Divine Gates are unique because they use at least two keys for the same command. You will have to modify the keyboard settings within the game in order to perform these techniques to its peak. However, it will take time to get used to these modifications. There is no specific key configuration for any of these techniques, but we strongly encourage you to play with the keyboard and mouse settings to your preferences. Requirements: It is extremely difficult to perform some Monk Style techniques with frame-per-second lag, so a fast gaming computer with a good graphic card that allows high frame rates, a sensitive keyboard and or mouse that allows you to click and type quickly with ease is recommended. It is also recommended to have a mouse that supports five buttons or more. -Dragon Gate - (Chung Ryong of East)- The Dragon Gate is a very powerful weapon; it is full offense and brute strength. This technique is used to perform full speed Static Triple Butterfly. -Stance One- Do not time it one Slash>Block combo at a time. Do the Key-Press combination at least six times per Jump. For example, according to the following Key Setting: 1 + 3= Attack, 2 + 4 = Block you would press in a single Jump: 1>2> 3>4> 1>2> 3>4> 1>2> 3>4 = 6 Key-Presses / Each Finger Taps 3 Times / 3 Slash>Block Animations Executed In other words: 1>2>3>4 = 1 Slash>Block Animation Executed You can also do 6 Finger Taps for each finger which mean 12 Key-Presses in one jump. This is preferred. You should see three Slash>Block combinations per Jump. Record a replay and you will see Animation Freeze from your character. -Stance Two- Stance Two is technically a messed up version of Stance One. Instead of having three Slash>Block combinations perfectly executed in one Jump, there will only be two, which would mean you are doing a Double Butterfly. -How to use Dragon Gate effectively and efficiently- Take advantage of your Key Configuration. The game limits us to two keys for each command, but most people limit themselves to only one. "Do not limit yourself. Go beyond limits." - Monk Some people may think that Dragon Gate is useless in combat due to lack of mobility, but ever considered using Directional commands along with this technique? Uneducated players would assume that Dragon Gate is all about "standing still and doing Static Triple Butterfly" while being vulnerable to a variety of attacks from your opponent. Rather than doing it just standing still, you can press a Directional command and use its momentum to control your movement. Use the momentum of Single Butterflies for quick change in directions. Direct your movements with full control and do Ground and Sky Slash accordingly. Only stand still while doing Dragon Gate when your opponent is standing at a corner or in small, cramped up areas where your opponent lacks space. If you do it while standing still in open areas, you will be vulnerable to “sword tapping”, meaning people can tap your sword to make you Massive and open you up. Always try to stick to your opponent. Psychologically, most people would try to back away from you, but if you stick to your opponent, it will be very difficult for them to walk out without being severely damaged. -Tortoise Gate (Hyun Moo of North)- This Gate is all about defending oneself to the fullest as well to counter attack. Steps: Block>Repeat Master the blocking technique while standing still. Experiment with this: Stand still and tap your Block button(s) as fast as you can and watch the animation of your sword. Key-press timing with only three taps of the Block button is possible, but I do not suggest it. It would be easier if you use two Block Buttons. Although with different types of hardware, the Key-Press method will vary, but it must always be controlled and done correctly. Key-press example: Ctrl = Block, Alt = Block Using one finger for each key, press... Ctrl > Alt > Ctrl > Alt > Ctrl > Alt = Three Block Animations Executed Ctrl > Alt = One Block Animation Executed In the end, each of your fingers will only press three times or more if desired. Another method would just be pressing one Block Button, but you would have to tap the same button six times, which is harder. This is the same if you were to do Turtle Gate while jumping. Your sword should not be in big movements (This is easy, but slow, inefficient and incorrect) Instead, try to have small movements. Record a replay of yourself and watch your sword carefully. If done correctly, you should see your sword freeze. For example: When you are idle, your Character’s right arm is neutral and will slightly move back and fourth. For Animation Freeze, the arm and sword will freezes and your character leans a bit more forward. The tip of t sword should also be vibrating. Practice this technique until you can make it constant with very little to no breaks in the Animation Freeze. Make sure you have a comfortable set of key-setting. Create a preference. -Stance One- Steps: Jump>Block>Block>Block Once you have mastered Tortoise Gate while standing still, try to add in the jump. When you jump, make sure you do not pause in between each jump. Let it flow with no delay. While in the air, watch your character's arm and make sure it Blocks at least three times per jump. Practice this technique until you can continue the animation freeze. It would be easier if you use two Block buttons as stated before. This means you are actually attempting six Blocks rather than three, but instead you are really only executing three Block Animations. -Tiger Gate (Baekho of West)- Baekho means white tiger. It represents agility and dexterity. This technique is mainly used for aerial sword fighting. Steps: Jump>Dash>Slash>Jump>Block Double Command buttons can make it faster, but Single keys are fine, but should be done in fast motions. -Phoenix Gate (Ju Jak of South)- This Gate is about intelligence, that one must be intelligent and flexible with perfection. There are about two techniques in Phoenix Gate; single and double-slash. In this Gate, you must rely on perfect timing to achieve full speed. -Stance One- Steps: Slash>Block(Ground Butterfly) Do not cancel the Slash too fast or you will lose the hit. Sometimes allowing a little delay in between two steps is better. Practice until you can do it FAST. You can also do it while pressing Forward or do a Dash>Slash>Block combination. -Stance Two- Steps: Slash>Slash>Block Slash and then wait a little before doing the second Slash. Immediately after the second Slash, Block. Ex: *Slash-1...........Slash-2..Block* Or you can do the opposite way, which is to tap Slash really fast, wait for the delay and then block. -Walking and Dashing- In between each repetition of the combos, you can add in a Dash, or just press a Directional Button while doing Phoenix Gate. -FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)- Q: What is a technique? A: A technique is the method in which one performs a move. Q: What is a move? A: A move is a combination of Commands. Q: Does Monk Style require Mouse Rebinder and does Monk use it? A: No, I never admitted to using Mouse Rebinder/3rd Party macro Razor mamba Jamba Kamba Nama etc.. or other fancy gaming products. keep in mind, they did not have these back in the days. These techniques are achieved through hard work after Years/Month's of dedication training in prison map and he strongly disproves of cheating. I simply used five-button-mouse which is 100% legit and is totally different than. Approved for children of all ages! -The Concept of Monk Style and Animation Freeze- Monk Style is an individual style. Monk created the name for it so that he can trademark a set of techniques that perform preexisting K-Style however advanced techniques K-style did not know or explain back then Just as K-Style was introduced by Kraise (Korean) M-Style was explained by Monk thus we were both above time back then GunZ community was not as educated back then. K-Style and M-Style neither was founded by the GunZ Creators but discovered by players from GunZ. These advanced techniques is to move at full speed and breaking basic limits. Monk Style is advanced techniques which is part of Korean Style which consists of mainly four techniques called Four Divine Gates; "Monk Style is the idea of canceling the delay in between a Move to Command, Slash, Block, and Dash to its limit while only wielding a sword at hand."-SenseofTouch Several reasons to why so many people think that several Monk Style techniques are done through the use of 3rd Part Programs are because of the "Animation Freeze" and or the speed in which it’s done. I have once been told that it is impossible to cancel the sword delay to zero speed. That is correct, but it is wrong to think that I am actually canceling the delay to zero speed. When the appearance of Zero Speed Animation occurs, the person performing the technique in Monk Style will see all of the animation. Other people see otherwise. They will see the sword stiff up and freeze, leading to the disbelievers' assumption of Zero Speed Animation. This is similar to the Animation Lock in Wind Step because when performing it, only other people see the Animation Lock, not the performer who’s executing it. The idea of Animation Freeze, as mentioned in the above quote, is also within the Dashing technique. If you do a Dash>Repeat combination with correct timing, other people will see you glide silently across the floor. Animation Freeze means that you are at the limit to how much delay in between each combination of a Move, Sub Move, or Command you can cancel while only wielding a sword. Not all techniques in Monk Style involve Animation Freeze. Animation Freeze is only a feature of Monk Style. Monk took advantage of that fact and created his techniques to perform fast actions without cheating. Monk Style is all about pushing Animation Cancellation to the limit to reach its peak. It is purely legit and no less formidable than anything else in GunZ Online. Animation Freeze: ---------------------------------- -Origins and History of Monk Style- At first, it was difficult for even Sense to believe that Monk Style was legit, but he brought up the courage to do something that might have been totally fictional. He decided to do the unpopular thing amongst all other players, which had led him to become a victim to many personal bashings. Sense tried to follow Monk's horrible instructions and used all of what he had told him as a base to continue developing on his own. He experimented with different key settings and tapping patterns, recorded hundreds of replays of myself just to check on his progression. It was when he saw his first Animation Freeze done intentionally that he concluded that Monk was telling the truth. It was only for a split second, but the Animation Freeze was there. He was very surprised and at the same time, very happy. From that moment on, Sense began to fully support Monk. He had done a lot of philosophical brainstorming and research using provided replays, videos, old explanations, etc. He had several theories and eventually concluded everything with the concept and explanation of Animation Freeze. Several loyal members of Monk clan made public explanations of Monk Style and they did not seem to truly understand it. Even they thought that Monk Style was an individual style. It was when Monk told Sense that styles are just labels where he quickly removed that definition from Monk Style. For a while, Sense thought that Monk Style was “a set of techniques", but after some critical thinking, he concluded that Monk Style consists of a categorized set of techniques within Korean Style and with the use of mainly the Four Divine Gates, it’s an individual “fighting” style as well as a concept. The concept involved in these techniques explains how it is possible to execute them. Sense used all this knowledge that he had obtained through several months to defend Monk Style from the public. Following directly under Monk, he became an Extraordinary and had earned him his current title. Monk = God of Monk Style SenseofTouch = King of Monk Style "As you advance, you will be called a hacker". -Monk -Monk Style Family Tree- Founders: Monk, God of Monk Style SenseofTouch, King of Monk Style ---- Disciples: Blade Graffiti, First Descendant of Monk Style Saibal, Dharma of Monk Style Last Updated: October 19, 2007
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    https://gyazo.com/ae98972da8679818fe9e7dff43e0b9a4 IGN: Floot Type of report: Harrassment Floot still being toxic as ever lol.. A temp mute or something would maybe make him rethink his ways or chats idk, up to you guys to decide :) Idk how to post images or it won't let me because the files are too big so if gyazo doesn't show lmk :) Also I'd report Yanny too but, I believe GM Rajza (I forgot his ign) already took care of that in that room xD