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  1. What they did: Paradise clan members swapping wins with Sensation clan. Same memebers from Paradise: Oblivion/ANDY123/Pithon(Tobey)/fabalito123 Are llShadowll/ Medcnshotbot/ KidKid/ Dragqueen In this report you can find the same members swapping in against Paradise's former clan, Armageddon (Same core members). As seen in the screenshots KidKid, is also seen playing in the previous report where Armageddon has a 75 win streak. The replays show that they're clearly not trying to win their clan wars and are tumbling with sprays and just leaving and rejoining the game.
  2. CLAN_001_Curve_2021-08-13_22-51-43_Sensation (1).gzr Every time I log on at night I se Paradise and Sensation Swapping CW wins, Sensation always resetting score. if you want the screenshots lmk because I have screenshots of them resetting score after getting streak yet Sensation is 0-1 as of now. This is getting ridiculous I pay good money to play a legit game yet no-one cant compete because you got ppl swapping in CW. check the logs you'll see a pattern. i got Videos of players underclocking i played this game long enough to know who is underclocking. been on since ijji. Video clearly shows a lack of "Try" by sensation. rejoining and leaving from their side. Letting Paradise Win. i seen it was posted before but seems like no-one wants to hold anyone accountable.