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  1. Hi GM, After the clan swapping, bloodypanty and someone else (I'm just guessing it's 7sins as he's on like 3 different alts but i'm not 100% sure) have been spamming me continuously (even though I wasn't the one who reported them LOL). Not only do they follow me in all my games to spam, they continuously whisper me and they continuously spam in the lobby. They mentioned that they'll be spamming me daily for the rest of my gunz life, and they also mentioned that they don't care about being IP banned. In the screenshots it mentions things such as; "Let me fuck your wife instead so you can have kids" "CrusaderJ is Barren" "Let others fuck your wife so she can have kids" "Keep crying, i'm going to spam you" When others are fed up with it, they would get kicked but would just create more accs (I don't know how these guys are bothered).I have hundreds more of screenshot but i'll just post some (it includes the in game, whisper & lobby spam).