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  1. 1. Navigate to 2. Hover mouse over Premium Shop drop down, select "V.I.P & Anime Shop" 3. Select Ranged Weapons And there it is.
  2. First time attempting and successfully being able to ride a boss! *ignore the part where I'm trying to figure out the ammo clip lol* (158) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Quest Goblin King | stevenasimmons - YouTube Brought to you by: Evolution Quest clan
  3. So I see if you buy coins on the website you can get VIP "Bronze". I saw someone had a VIP "Gold" tag under their Discord name. What's the difference between the two and how do you even get the gold one? Thanks!
  4. Thanks chief! Was able to get some upgrades I was wanting. Appreciate it! I recommend others to do this too. You get to help the server grow, show your buddies are leet micro (or lack thereof), and you can get some free gold. Win/win/win
  5. (149) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Quest | stevenasimmons - YouTube account: stevenasimmons Video of my first time doing the cyber quest.