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  1. Happy New Years! 🪐 Players: [EQ]Steven Part 1: Music: Sandstorm by Darude This is the second installment of '[EQ]Steven In Progress of Sword'! The first installment is posted on Cristina Kity's channel, and that video is linked above. This is really like a video journal to capture the progress of where my skill has gotten since I started back on GunZ: The Duel about four months ago. Who knows where my progress will be in another four months? Or at the end of the year! Excited to see the growth of this channel, Evolution Q, and the GunZ community as a whole in 2022. Thank you for watching, and if you are reading this.. the world is yours.
  2. Players: [EQ]Steven, CrissKitty, Free33, JusoIaz NEW QUESTS launched, and this is the Frostys Revenge quest.. but YES, some christmas quests :)) We had fun, JUSO DC, I'm not surprised.. pshhh... but enjoy the video, and thanks for watching:)
  3. YES, finally at least a little bit of editing in a video hehe! And henlo!!! Really wanted to get that PP Shirt, so decided to try some solo Palmpow runs (Palmpow Idol)! This was my only attempt using a dagger, and it worked out! Still didn't get my shirt still :'(, but next time I will and I will use a sword, I promise :)) Enjoy! Video brought to you by clan Evolution Q!
  4. Hello again! A short training video of me on Snow Town. A little bit of everything Use this as documentation so I can look back and look at my evolution. Thanks everyone Video brought to you by clan Evolution Q! (203) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Training - Snow Town | [EQ]Steven - YouTube
  5. [EQ]Steven, CrissKitty, JusoIaz, and Vacy doing Dwarf Goblin King Hope you all like the music! This is like my 3rd or 4th time doing Dwarf Goblin King quest. I was using some walls jumps (maybe too much and in wrong spots lol), because I need to remember to use it more often. Anyways, hope you all enjoy! Video brought to you by clan Evolution Q and friends! (193) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Quest - Dwarf Goblin King | [EQ]Steven - YouTube
  6. (181) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Quest - Fake Goblin King - Solo | [EQ]Steven - YouTube Hello again everyone! This is my first time successfully doing a solo run of Fake Goblin King! Video brought to you by clan Evolution Q.
  7. (181) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Training - Town - Learning DBF 2 | [EQ]Steven - YouTube Hello everyone! This is me practicing my DBF (Double Butterfly) a little bit more, without the dashing. I am now able to get my second slash much higher. I found that after doing my first slash I was holding the mouse buttons down still a little too long.. after realizing this, it sped up my DBF quite a bit! Stay tuned for more! Video brought to you by clan Evolution Q.
  8. Hello everyone! This is my first time really even trying to do a double butterfly with a dash in it. I have been practicing just a normal DBF for a week or two. Pretty sloppy, but like I said first time so take it easy on me Video brought to you by clan Evolution Q. GunZ: The Duel (2021) | KingBoo Quest - Learning DBF | [EQ]Steven - YouTube
  9. 1. Navigate to 2. Hover mouse over Premium Shop drop down, select "V.I.P & Anime Shop" 3. Select Ranged Weapons And there it is.
  10. First time attempting and successfully being able to ride a boss! *ignore the part where I'm trying to figure out the ammo clip lol* (158) GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Quest Goblin King | stevenasimmons - YouTube Brought to you by: Evolution Quest clan
  11. So I see if you buy coins on the website you can get VIP "Bronze". I saw someone had a VIP "Gold" tag under their Discord name. What's the difference between the two and how do you even get the gold one? Thanks!