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  1. Name :joshua IGN: Soaked Position Applying for: GM Age:27 Discord:Soaked#1653 Email:[email protected] Experience: I have knowledge of Hosting events • Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc) College • How active are you in game and forums? Not so much in FORUM very active in game • Why do you want to be a part of M2O Gaming's GunZ staff? yes • What will you bring to our GunZ, and help improve community? i can speak English and Spanish creating events people will be able to understand so everyone can have fun and a better understanding. • Do you know basic Adobe Photoshop CS5, Blender, C++, Animations? Photoshop and C++ good understanding. • Can you work with Microsoft SQL 2008 database? No • Can you prevent hackers from hacking? I cannot prevent hacking but I have a lot of free time so I can look deep into it and try to figure it out. • Do you know how to edit MRS's Compile/Decompile? No • Can you edit values in Hex workshop? no • Why should we hire you to be accepted applicant? i will have no trouble in dealing with both sides of the community Spanish and English and from what I've gathered not too many GM's know Spanish so with me it will be easy to keep the community happy. • Your programming and coding languages skills on a scale 1/10: -Include sample of your work-3/10 on coding • List other languages you speak besides English. Spanish, Tiny bit of Portuguese • Do you advertise videos? I can advertise • Do you own YouTube channel? yes • Are you mature? yes