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  1. UserID: ButtUglyBanana Email: le*********[email protected] Reason: Cussing in chat I apologize for swearing and talking minor trash in chat, I really love gunz and I was finally starting to get good. Not to mention I also spent money on my account.. I see other people swearing and talking trash in chat all the time so I thought it was ok for me to do it as well, but me out of everyone doing it gets banned. I now learned my lesson as I didn't know that swearing and talking trash in chat was allowed. Nevertheless, it is a competitive video game, and I feel like talking trash is part of the fun. Its not like I was telling the person I was talking trash to very harmful things, it was just minor smack talk. Once again, I apologize for my actions and I realllly hope you unban my account as I really love this game. If you do decide to unban me let me know if you need any other info to unban me as I don't know if you do.
  2. Hey monk. A couple days ago I donated 5 dollars and didn’t receive gcoins. My user ID is ButtUglyBanana and my email that I bought then with is t*******[email protected] I would appreciate it if this got resolved. Thanks!