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  1. Hackers Name(s): Theover Hack used: Macro usage GL_GooseWrld_2022-06-22_14-47-19.gzrProof: (Replay/Video) Clearly just using a macro, his normal movment is slow doesnt use bf or dbf from what ive seen, but he just tbfs at dngx3 or 4 perfectly without any misclicks or missed inputs. you can see he doesnt phase or angle at all, makes no sense that he is tbfing like that. You can even see every single time he gets a massive he throws it bc he cant stop the macro mid combo.
  2. In-Game: (Spamming/Other Chat related) Players Name(s): Skatistapro Rule broken: death avoidance Proof: (replay) Guys keeps leaving and rejoining to avoid death, finally recorded it, you can clearly see he left then rejoined just as he was about to die. informed him hes breaking the rules and he responded "what rules nygga" GL_GooseWrld_2022-05-29_14-09-39.gzr
  3. We kicked himDUEL_BastardGoose_2022-04-28_13-09-36.gzr because hes macroing taunts while dead and its annoying, he just keeps rejoining on alts. and again DUEL_BastardGoose_2022-04-28_13-14-54.gzr
  4. IGN: Kevin Position Applying for: event coordinator Age: 29 Discord: goose of Bastards#5701 Email: [email protected] Experience: 14 years of playing gunz, years of on and off private server development including gunz, wow, and RuneScape • Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc) GED 3 years of general studies at community college (expelled) • How active are you in game and forums? Generally Active in game, less active in forums • Why do you want to be a part of M2O Gaming's GunZ staff? I Have a strong desire to see gunz and it's communities grow and mature. • What will you bring to our GunZ, and help improve community? I have a strong relationship with gladiators of various skill levels, as well as the larger community of gunz development. I have a very hard stance on cheating and believe in equality in fair play. Additionally since I am retired in real life I can dedicate time when other people may not be able to • Do you know basic Adobe Photoshop CS5, Blender, C++, Animations? I have experience starting from an early age with Photoshop, and c++ and am always willing to learn new skills • Can you work with Microsoft SQL 2008 database? yes • Can you prevent hackers from hacking? using experience to correctly identify hackers and a larger understanding of how hacks operate im sure I can reduce the overall amount of hacking • Do you know how to edit MRS's Compile/Decompile? yes • Can you edit values in Hex workshop? yes • Why should we hire you to be accepted applicant? Having a lot of free time gives my a unique advantage over many, being able to work on issues and respond to problems when it would just be impractical for others to do so • Your programming and coding languages skills on a scale 1/10: 3.5/10 I worked with 2034, fxp briefly in the past, however the last projects I built from scratch were many years ago; some hacks for gunz when IJJI was operating the NA server, I continue to work to improve another program that manipulates packets, however revealing the name of that here would be detrimental to security. -Include sample of your work- • List other languages you speak besides english. ASL • Do you advertise videos? I haven't • Do you own Youtube channel? yes, but it's mostly private videos • Are you mature? yes
  5. Huh I didn't know they expired lol. Account is kaves92 Email for the PayPal is probably [email protected] could be [email protected] though
  6. Intel HD isnt very powerful and there are a lot of setups where you wouldnt reach 250 fps with it. what resolution are you trying to play at?
  7. Nvidia control panel, radeon graphics settings, or intel HD settings. One of these probably has global Vsync enabled on your PC. What GPU do you have?
  8. Hello, my account suddenly stopped being VIP the other day, lost my colored name as well as the VIP marker. Just trying to figure out whats going on? Thank you for your time.