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  1. I believe that this procedure could be analyzed with the whole team for a better suggestion from everyone about this improvement in the creation of the clan : D I can't edit the topic. I believe that the forum could enable this feature to edit the topic as many times as it wants.
  2. I understand that the server was designed to be the closest to the official. And I'm really enjoying the server that way. So I want to pass on an improvement that I consider very important when creating a clan. Even though the server is with more and more players [...] it is still very difficult for a player to create a clan needing 4 more players. I believe that this can generate many dissatisfactions. I believe it is very important not to need 4 more players to create a clan. This happened to me, having to ask for help for a game master to help create my clan : D Just a tip.
  3. Twitter says the server is in the United States. Then I learned that it is on the east coast. did a quick search. What are the time zones of the United States? There are six, being 4 continental and two referring to the states of Alaska and Hawaii. To better understand the schedules : D I am now aware that the administrative staff are on all types of schedules. This information of yours is very important : D I have a tip that I think is important. As the server is international, depending on the country, the time can change a lot. In this case, I believe when posting on Discord / Forum about events and other actions [...] to put a fixed time zone in the post : D Example: At the end of the post put. — Eastern Time Zone - ETZ Eastern Time in the United States : ) Just an observation. I'm from Brazil. I'm using Google Translate in this conversation : D Thanks for your response.
  4. Thank you very much for your understanding.
  5. I fully agree! The forum is extremely important. Thank you very much for your understanding : )
  6. I believe it is very important: 1) When the server needs maintenance ... inform the forum in advance so as not to surprise players. Avoiding dissatisfaction; 2) All server updates should be on the forum for better access to information in the future; I believe that this way the new forum will have more access and points of view. Create fixed times for updates, if possible. Even the days of the week are interesting.
  7. I think this topic is very important for players from other countries. The server is in the United States. I would like to know which city is this? What time zone is the server? The game has events and prizes at times. I believe it is very important to have this information not only on the forum, but also on Discord and on the website.
  8. This error is getting very frequent. Check when possible.
  9. I'm not able to edit this topic anymore. First tip: I could leave it to the user to edit as many times as necessary. Blog of the year 2009.
  10. Good Morning. First of all, I will be using Google Translate, I'm from Brazil. Excuse me by chance, if I can't understand some things. I was looking into this matter at Discord, but, as you said, we can address it right here. I need to recover the character name account: AlmasDoFogo I believe I made this account many years ago. I am famous on several servers because of that name, and I don't feel like playing if I can't recover my official name. I will show the main servers that I have the account on my behalf. I also have a YouTube channel from the time of year 2009. That name means a lot to me in the game, because of my story. I got to know this server recently, when I was on YouTube watching some K-GunZ videos. Then I remembered, that a long time ago, I think I created an account on that server. I'm just looking to recover this account and be able to bring some friends to play on that server. I am wanting to know more about the server, so much that I recently passed it on to some friends. My Discord: MayconMaximiano#8659 I just need to change the account's email address. I expect an answer as soon as possible. I have enormous knowledge on several servers. I spent several tips recently on several servers directly with the owners of each server. I believe I can analyze the server, and if I have any tips I can help too.
  11. I left a message on Discord M20.
  12. Discord: MayconMaximiano#8659 Can I talk to an administrator on Discord ?! I am known on several GunZ servers.