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  1. Make sure you check your firewall isn’t blocking anything, also join the discord it’s on the main website
  2. What was the error? Try using gmail as the email or using a different browser
  3. This happens to me occasionally I just reopen it and it runs fine, run it as administrator also
  4. No matter what interactive game online you play, you will come across people who troll and ego you. Don’t take it too heart, if someone is harassing you that much report it and let the it be handled by staff...
  5. Didnt follow format so im reposting, my former ign was Abolish and I changed to HiiTSQuaD. Your Character Name: Abolish / HiiTSQuaD Screenshot:
  6. Try uninstalling it delete all the files and re dl and install again?
  7. use this link and click “register now” which your find under where you log in. if you have any further issues best too join the discord which people are always on and can assist you. You can also find this on the website above
  8. Hello nothing on the game is OP once you reach level 25 it’s roughly equal, or you could donate and purchase premiums like a lot of people have.
  9. Yo, seen you on discord.
  10. These are nice smaller the better preferably.
  11. Yeah no probs I’ll be logging in soon, my in game is Theft A lot of the community use discord Instead of the forums, on the main website click on the right hand side of the page “Discord Voice Chat” and it’ll direct you to there.