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  1. Hi your coins was added with a bonus enjoy
  2. Hi your coins was added with Bonus enjoy!
  3. Hi your coins has been doubled enjoy!
  4. Great video steve sent you some coins!
  5. Hi you were given Double coins which was this weeks bonus enjoy!
  6. We dont do refund stated on our terms of service. But you were given double bonus during your 2nd donation enjoy!
  7. Hi what is your gunz user id and paypal email?
  8. You already received your coins!
  9. Hello you were already rewarded for this via Discord.
  10. Hello this is most likely your GPU related issue, try uninstalling then reinstall see if this helps.
  11. Please clear your browsing histories cookies etc, and use google chrome.
  12. Hello guys Coins has been sent out to everyone that submitted their video and followed the proper format. The Free 300 Gold Coins per video will be closed for next few days stay tuned we'll Unlock this post again be sure to save up your video links!
  13. Hello, what is your Gunz user ID and email associated with the account? also name few characters in the account.