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  1. Hello, we've mutef him for next 7 days. In future please upload more proofs to support your reports. Reports can be easily manupulated.
  2. Monk

    Can't register

    Hello did you try again?
  3. This is solved, please check your Private message.
  4. Hi please do not post images from other servers
  5. Hello, this was already solved Please check your private message and be sure to join our Discord community hub for instant support :
  6. Hello, we've given him a warning.
  7. Monk

    cant register

    try again dont use special characters
  8. Hello, we were having Maintenance during that time. Launch M2O Gunz launcher again it'll work!
  9. Hello, welcome back to GunZ!
  10. Hello, you're not allowed to post content from other servers than this server itself.
  11. Sounds like an interesting MMORPG idea, we may add it in future.
  12. Hello what is your user ID on Gunz and mame on paypal?