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  1. Hello, please use the proper report format : to submit any reports properly.
  2. Hi what was your discord iD
  3. Hello, this will be your first warning please do not spam.
  4. Join our discord, i can try help you remotely.
  5. Hello, you cannot change our vip once you've chosen it.
  6. Hello what was your character name?
  7. These are great classic and simple!
  8. Hello based on many reports we've collected, you were creating your own problems on regular basis. You really have hard time controlling your emotions and often angry you cuss out players everyday we have a place for you in community however, if you continue to behave this way this violates our terms of service and we have to take action.
  9. Hello, we allow 3 custom crosshairs, you can enable by naming them like this crosshair1, crosshair2, crosshair3
  10. Hello M2O GunZ Gamers, We've some amazing New GunZ updates! Featuring New maps for thrilling Events our staff's will be holding as requested by many! Also, we have decided to bring back King Boo Quest as it is Halloween season and ghost's are back in town! - Following Maps has been added to our GunZ client : Vice, Elementary, Nexus - Base, Skyline, Snow Child, True and False and Halloween Town! - Return of Boo Quest - New Halloween Avatar And alot of cool gifts will be located on your Game storage soon so stay tuned!
  11. Hello, it is solved please check your Private message!
  12. hello what was the user name on the account?
  13. Hello please follow our report format and post in report section with proof of evidence here :