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  1. Hello, there's no refunds stated in our terms of service.
  2. Lol interesting, anyways be sure to add our servers title on YouTube's title description etc and get random rewards!
  3. visit Then register, then download client by clicking Download Tab and choose one mirror then install.
  4. Hello, M2O Gaming GunZ The duel not exist 12 years ago, this a new database.
  5. hello uninstall gunz completely reinstall.
  6. Perhaps if you learned to read more often on Discord "Announcement" section in regards to giveaways which are temporary and follow up with our events you wouldnt have to be here to kill the game for yourself. Further indications, if you feel most players only has an advantage due to premiums items in the game and not "Skills" This game isnt recommend for you. You can try other games have a goos one.
  7. I get too many discord pms, whatever you keed to discuss discuss it here.
  8. This is like Sharingan eyes from naruto we're all hypnotized now.
  9. Well you sre not known here. What is it?
  10. Clear browser history cache, use google chrome.
  11. Try different browser clear your browser history cache.
  12. Play GunZ Here : GunZ fanpage : GunZ Discord : Hello M2O GunZ Fans! This is a player hosted Tournament by Joe @Horror The Gun Knight April, 2020 GunZ Elimination bracket style Crown Tournament. This is going to be a 2 vs 2 gunners tournament. There will be no item restrictions, however only g-coin premium shop items and in-game bounty items will be allowed. No donator cash items. Each bracket will play 3 - 10 round matches to determine the winner. The first team to win two games advances to the next bracket. Each round will be 10 minutes long with maps being chosen by a randomizer from the list of clan war maps. To enter, simply submit your ign line up (with sub one max) including your clan name to @Horror via DM on discord which will be be added to the roster. Each players can only play for ONE clan in the tournament. Winning team members will win prizes based on how many clans sign up prizes will be announced once sign up is over. Matches will be announced on [date] on discord/in game so stay tuned until then to participate. Beware, if you cannot complete full tourney and someone else takes your place during one of the matches. Only those who participated in finals will receive prize unless agreed upon by those involved otherwise. Pass this around and find your Team and your greatest opponents! See you all in M2O Gaming Network GunZ!