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  1. Hello, whats your characters name? so i can take a look in to this matter.
  2. What are you talking about, i'm confused.
  3. Just a follow, up this was already solved via discord. The user was banned for 7 days with a final Warning.
  4. Hello, to be honest, we cannot take any action based on provided evidence that is outside of the game itself.
  5. No need for private messages, all you need to do is run Gunz launcher it should auto upddate. or uninstall client a gain reinstall/.
  6. We did maintenance, you needed to exit Gunz launch again.
  7. You can play now, ban is lifted.
  8. Ohh man love this videos, can you please when you record videos dont have it soo zoomed out people loves the default settings zoomed out soo much makes it a bit ugly.! Sent coins for yoru recent videos as well!
  9. The user ID's you've provided does not exist give me the right User ID or i cant help you.
  10. Hello, your ban has been lifted this is a Final Warning please play fairly in the future and respect other players. You can play NOW.
  11. You dont get to demand anything. If you were banned for violating our terms of service, our decision to ban you is permanent.