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  1. Hello your coins has heen added with double the Bonus enjoy!
  2. Hello coins has been doubled on the account: zachtr45
  3. Hello what is your Gunz user id and paypal email?
  4. Coins has been sent to @ Protategottahate and @ KevinLau4 Enjoy and great video! Thanks for your support @ Steven
  5. Hello theres no difference, anyone who donates 50 + can claim Gold member tag on discord
  6. Monk

    Help please

    Hi what is your Gunz user id and paypal email?
  7. Hi what is your Gunz user id and paypal email address?
  8. Here is How to receive free Gold Gold Coins (Cash Worth!) on GunZ? Follow the instructions below! If you're unable to Donate for Premium Items or Win events on GunZ and still want free 300 Gold coins (Cash worth) There are Other ways to earn Gold coins! ➲ Earn (300 Gold coins) Per Youtube Video! Vdeo title : GunZ: The Duel (2021) | Game Mode Name | PlayerName • Upload a Video to Youtube Video length Must be At-least 5 Minuets long. The Gameplay footage must be on our GunZ server. in the Description you must add a working link to M2O GunZ Website. Copy and Paste the following in your Description Example: Play GunZ 2020 : Discord : GunZ: The Duel (Korean: 건즈 온라인), or simply GunZ, was an online third-person shooting game,[1] created by South Korean-based MAIET Entertainment. GunZ The Duel is free-to-play, with a microtransaction business model for purchasing premium in-game items. The game allowed players to perform exaggerated, gravity-defying action moves, including wall running, stunning, tumbling, and blocking bullets with swords, in the style of action films and anime. Search Terms : Gunz, Gunz The Duel, M2O Gunz, Gunz 2020, Gunz 2021, Download Gunz, Best Gunz server, Ingreso Gunz, gunz discargar, Gunz 2019, Gunz Tutorial, gunz classic, Free to play Gunz, Gunz private server, International gunz, M2Ogunz, Gunzduels, Gunztheduel, Gunz tutorial, Gunz TBf, Gunz clan war, Kstyle Gunz, Gunz butterfly, Gunz Online Gunz 2, Best Gunz private server. In your youtube Video Tag Please add: Gunz, Gunz The Duel, Gunz 2020, Gunzduels, Gunz1, Download gunz. Play Gunz etc. You Must Contact M2O Gaming Network, Via Discord and submit the link to your youtube Video that you uploaded on to receive your coins. (Be sure to POST YOUR VIDEO IN THIS THREAD WITH YOUR GUNZ USER ID ( NOT CHARACTER NAME )
  9. Hello Bounty items are only located inside the game, you need to Play the game to get bounty and use them in game Shop located on top side.
  10. Hello please register normally using google chrome, dont use any special characters or codes.
  11. hello your coins has been sent