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  1. what is your Gunz user id and paypal emai;? i am sure we took care of it via discord or email.
  2. Hello we added 50 gold coins almost triple the bonus enjoy!
  3. Hi coins added with double coins
  4. Peaceful gameplay! also coins has been added to your acc enjoy!
  5. Eriviren already assisted you via discord.
  6. Hi, we added Double Gold coins to yur account enjoy x2 coins
  7. Monk

    No Gcoins

    Hello, we've already sent double gold coins to your account hope you enjoy!
  8. Private message me your Gunz user ID and email
  9. Theres no problem in Gunz and im not your computer to know what kind of problem you're facing.
  10. Coins added with Bonus extra
  11. Monk

    No coins

    Hi i sent you double gold coins which is this weeks bonus enjoy
  12. Its false positive.. because gunz uses custom packer to protect against hacks exploits etc.
  13. Monk

    No coins

    Hi what is your Gunz user id and paypal email?
  14. Hi please make sure your windows firewall isnoff sometimes it prevents gunz servees from showimg
  15. Hello you can play now, please dont harrase players next time.
  16. Hello try again let me know if it works for you.
  17. Monk

    No coins

    Hi i added double coins to your account i hope you enjoy
  18. These are some of the most epic openigns ive seen for intro !
  19. was this not resolved? what is the paypal email again?
  20. your ban will be lifted in another 5 days.
  21. Not possible you didn't purchase it.
  22. Monk


    this is already solved was added with extra bonus enjoy!
  23. Monk


    Whats your gunz user id?