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  1. I get what your saying and understand but come on man i didn't even get to use my items because the server was down at that time. im not asking for them perm just an allowed amount of days man. i really dont care for the coins as in ill be buying more either way. pleae monk i just wanna return how things left off.

  2. Hey Guys/Monk idk if you remember me i left the community a while back when it was being attacked not so long and ang going thru so many nice updates with the avatars and items. i had a but load of items i pro hundreds of dollars into this game to only find out almost half or most of my stuff are missing or expired such as my donor sgs 😞 my shop items , damn near had all the donor items if we could get this squared away i have the same paypal email. and i also was waiting on coins back then the site was down i brought a buttload before everything even came back online. please help me i love this game very very much,