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  1. Hi Siren, to my knowledge I do not believe so however please try the download and update me with any issues you encounter during any part of the way.
  2. Psil


    I will be hosting events starting in 30 minutes, we've got a good amount of people online right now and I want to see all of you! Come online to win premium items!
  3. Absolutely, there are players online right now. Try again, let me know if the problem consists. I will try and help you.
  4. Share your custom crosshair or make requests for crosshairs below! My current crosshair as of this post.
  5. Keeep up the good work pro
  6. Hi, I am saying hello to all gunz'ers that play here on M20 GunZ the Last Duel. If you have seen me in game before.... Comment "Ez mode or light work" below. Thanks, see you in game !