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  1. Hey @ domski I know mixing the Fenrir along with the Jungle set will get you too around 113HP 132 AP Some pretty good stats for in game and clan war if thats what your into! Make sure to have two Rings of the Great Emporer to wear it!
  2. Those are incredible! Nice work!!
  3. Thanks for the report, Jacky. We have dealt with the player shown above. See you in game. ~Psil
  4. Thanks for the report, Kimashi. We have dealt with the player shown. See you in game ~Psil
  5. Make sure to only run gunz through the GunZ launcher provided. If you have Windows Defender it will erase GunZ.exe unfortunately. Try and check if you allowed gunz through any other firewalls or protections as it is an old executable and will cause false positives for anti-virus softwares. If you are missing gunz.exe in your folder re download M2O GunZ and try again with the firewall exceptions. Let us know how you make out pro, ~Psil
  6. Psil

    In Game Event!

    Hosting events starting in ~15 minutes!!, Come play for a chance to win premium items!
  7. Hi Rito, Sorry to hear your having issues. If you can Rito, try to sign up using a GMAIL email address. Some users have had success using Gmail to make an account with. If you can maybe create a Gmail for your GunZ account or use an already existing one. Keep us up to date with your situation, let us know how you make out. Thanks, see you in game!
  8. Making my right hand strong af. For GunZ of course
  9. Hey! nice GFX, brings me back to the GunZFactor forum days. This is old thread but I'd totally be down for a siggy
  10. I see where you are coming from. Once in a while a GM may create a clan for you but its encouraged to truely find other clan members and actually build your clan and discord with them and clan war or quest, whatever your into. Find your best mates, play together, challenge eachother and better yourself and your clan. Award your golden players with clan administrator and grow your member list higher in number. Happy Gaming
  11. Stickmon try using a Gmail email for your account and let me know if it works for you. You may have to create one or use your already existing but this method has seemed to worked for players who encounter the issue. See you in game
  12. Psil


    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share some of personal favourite animes.. what are some of your favourite animes and shows?? My personal favourites are Kimetsu no Yaiba, Baki, DragonBall series, Inuyasha, and One Punch Man!
  13. I will be hosting some events starting in 30 minutes, come online to participate and win premium items! I will be hosting events consisting of hide and seek, LAST MAN STANDING, and a Deathmatch event. We've got a good amount of people online right now and I want to see all of you! :Ready: :Win: :JJANG: Los eventos comenzarán en 30 minutos! Serie de eventos de eventos de escondidas, eventos de deathmatch, LMS Felices jugadores GunZ M20 Players!
  14. Thanks for your constructive criticism, we value our forums as much as our discord and would like to keep the community happy. Perhaps in the future we will look towards better spreading information. I do encourage all users to be a part of both forum and discord communities to help keep themselves up to date on any downtime and or updates. Thanks,
  15. Hi Siren, to my knowledge I do not believe so however please try the download and update me with any issues you encounter during any part of the way.
  16. Psil


    I will be hosting events starting in 30 minutes, we've got a good amount of people online right now and I want to see all of you! Come online to win premium items!
  17. Absolutely, there are players online right now. Try again, let me know if the problem consists. I will try and help you.
  18. Share your custom crosshair or make requests for crosshairs below! My current crosshair as of this post.
  19. Keeep up the good work pro
  20. Hi, I am saying hello to all gunz'ers that play here on M20 GunZ the Last Duel. If you have seen me in game before.... Comment "Ez mode or light work" below. Thanks, see you in game !