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  1. User's been muted until further notice.
  2. Hello Dash, I saw your discord message you sent me and will assist you further from there. This will be solved.
  3. User has been muted until further notice.
  4. Your coins have been added with a bonus. Sorry for the delay.
  5. Eriviren

    No coins

    I have sent you a PM on discord in regards to this, it will be solved there.
  6. User has been muted until further notice.
  7. User has been muted until further notice.
  8. User will be muted effective as of 12-28-2021. If the issue persists feel free to post another report so we can tackle that account as well, if it gets worse and excessive we will ban.
  9. User has been muted as of 09-13-2021 until further notice.
  10. I'll look into this later tonight Gibby to see if the accounts are indeed linked and also looking into the scores to see how that's going.
  11. The above user will be reset to level 1. Thank you for the report.
  12. Hello, if you're on our discord, feel free to PM me there. Or alternatively send me a message here, I can assist. Cheers.