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  1. Well, basically the higher the level, the longer its duration. There's a few aesthethic differences with the higher level ones. But overall, higher level the item, the more damage it does. The fire one burns both your hp and ap at the same time. The ice will slow you. Lightning will leave you stunned in place. Poison will just melt your hp directly.
  2. The M2O GunZ staff team seems pretty...interactive if I do say so myself . Glad to hear you're enjoying your stay here. You might find me acting like a decrepit worm late at nights ~
  3. @Jeroen079 As mentioned above, your best bet is to contact Monk either in game, through Discord or Facebook. Sending him a screenshot of the payment or just the name of the email used for the purchase should usually suffice and he will credit you shortly after. That being said, I will still do a follow up regarding this. For future reference, you might want to leave a name to look out for in game so that if we come across you and the problem is still not resolved, we'll know who you are.
  4. Welcome back to our domain. If you're ever in need of assistance, the community is pretty friendly when it comes to helping one another out!
  5. Tell me about it, this purple colour is dope.
  6. Welcome to the newly structured forums. Stay tuned for updates regarding terms of services and gift giveaways!