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  1. User will be muted effective as of 12-28-2021. If the issue persists feel free to post another report so we can tackle that account as well, if it gets worse and excessive we will ban.
  2. User has been muted as of 09-13-2021 until further notice.
  3. I'll look into this later tonight Gibby to see if the accounts are indeed linked and also looking into the scores to see how that's going.
  4. The above user will be reset to level 1. Thank you for the report.
  5. Hello, if you're on our discord, feel free to PM me there. Or alternatively send me a message here, I can assist. Cheers.
  6. User has been muted until further notice.
  7. Will be dealt with by me on Discord.
  8. Hello, if I'm not mistaken everything was resolved via Discord correct?
  9. Hmm must be a tooltip error. We'll have the owner correct that when he gets back. Thanks for the report.
  10. What happened exactly MrMerks?
  11. Behold a current list of all the teams partaking as of now : EARLLLLL & Lede - Team 1 InaPanix & Shunpo - Team 2 Kade & Coniption - Team 3 BakuraGz & Magicfingers - Team 4 Kehlain & Doomkilla - Team 5 Shunposmom & Strasi - Team 6 Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura - Team 7 Avivkm & Turtletits - Team 7.1 Bongfire & Bigsultan - Team 8 Hemp & Pose - Team 9 ShroudedFear & Mujunstyle - Team 10 Mature & Threya - Team 11 Godbless & Infernal - Team 12
  12. Firstly, you're in no position to say "don't mess with me". You accused me of something I did not do. Secondly, your whole law based post means nothing here. If you're caught doing something you shouldn't be doing, it is a player's duty to record it and submit it. When you agreed to our ToS to play the game, this is what you fell upon. Don't try and act almighty because you got violated in a PvP game, people will bark all kinds. If you truly are guilty of something, we won't hesitate to take action, be it a simple mute or a ban. Period.
  13. I beg your pardon? I accused you of what exactly? All I've seen is your complaining that people are killing you. It's a player versus player game, there's no set in stone regulations for how a game is played. If you want a straight path, go quest then. Don't take it out on the server as a whole or other players who they themselves, are just playing to enjoy the game. Also if I was to legitimately accuse you of doing something, I would have given you an official warning.
  14. •Kings of Cold Steel - Gladiator Tournament• Brief: Hello and welcome all, to this year's gladiator tournament. As per usual, M2O will be hosting a gladiator tournament to depict this year's King of the sword. However, this time around, we're going to be doing it slightly different. Details: • The tournament will follow standard gladiator regulations ; 100hp : 50 ap (No 103:47, 110:40 permitted, purely bounty items) • The weapon permitted will be only Rusty Sword (15 damage) or Iron Kodachies (14 damage). Daggers are not permitted. • Flipping and peddling will not be enabled or permitted • No elements or additional items will be allowed (Rings, guns, enchants etc) • All games must be recorded or streamed (Both if possible) • Games will be evaluated to see if they were clean (fair play, no peddling, macros etc). If your game is deemed to have been illicit be it macros or any other form, the match will asked to be redone with a GM present to oversee it. Failure to do so will cause a disqualification to the accused team. • This is a 2v2 tournament. You must find yourself an eligible candidate and sign up with them. Users cannot be registered in multiple teams. In order to qualify, I will need both users to PM me or a staff member on discord or in game to confirm their entry. If by chance they aren't allowed on discord due to a ban / kick, a screenshot of their discord message to you agreeing to it will suffice. Their in game name will be necessary when registering, including yours. • Registration period will be the entire month of November, so November 1st - November 30th • Matches will take place as of December first, more than 1 match up can be done in a day if everything aligns properly and both teams consent. Teams will be given 7 days max to fight. If one team is not available after 7 days, they will be disqualified. • The games will consist of 20 rounds. No rejoining or your team will forfeit that round. The team that wins 11/20 rounds advances to the next stage. • This is not a ringer match, meaning you both will be fighting along side at the same time. Purely 2 v 2 style. • The maps selected can either be 1 mutually accepted map, or 10 rounds 1 map and 10 rounds the other map, to give fairness to both sides. • On the topic of friendly fire ; By default it will be off...However if both teams agree to it (all 4 players) it can be enabled for your fight, to spice your games • All 4 players must bow each other The Prizes: 1st place - VIP 90 Days, Crown for 90 days, Customized sword & armor set exclusive to this year's glad tournament, 500 gold coins each player. 300 Event coins each player, 1 special avatar each player for 90 days. 2nd place - VIP 60 Days, 400 Gold coins each player, 200 Event coins each player, customized armor exclusive to this year's glad tournament to each player for 60 days. 3rd place - VIP 30 days, 300 gold coins per player, 100 event coins per player, customized armor exclusive to this year's glad tournament to each player for 30 days. If there's any inquiries, feel free to PM me on discord or in game (same name, Eriviren) for more information. *Disclaimer : Some stuff are subject to change*
  15. Hello Yossi, was it specifically saying invalid email even after trying again? Did you include any special characters by accident or numbers in the password? If not, feel free to message me on Discord or here with all your information and I'll try creating it for you.
  16. Alright I've sent you an email.
  17. If this hasn't been resolved, feel free to PM us on Discord as well, I will bring it up again to Monk.
  18. Hey Pisa, do you happen to remember exactly what was missing? Do you remember if the items were just temporary or were they items from the actual gold coin shop? Would you happen to have any screenshots of those items?
  19. Well, basically the higher the level, the longer its duration. There's a few aesthethic differences with the higher level ones. But overall, higher level the item, the more damage it does. The fire one burns both your hp and ap at the same time. The ice will slow you. Lightning will leave you stunned in place. Poison will just melt your hp directly.