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  1. i think a good game mode to add, that would help ease newbs into the game as well as sweats from.. sweating and just chill; would be one where the melee weapon is disabled, that's how i first remember playing the game, tumbling down the hallways of mansion, and tumblind side to side through town! hehe
  2. GunZ Innitiative EVENT Vote for Labor of Love Award for Steam Awards 2021!!! the company may not update and care for the game here on steam but THE COMMUNITY sure does! Vote on that count and let's shoot our shot because WE DESERVE IT! WOOOOOOoooooooooooooo If you don't know about the Steam Awards or Not sure what games to nominate then consider GunZ 2 because it can bring attention to ALL of GunZ, plus this can bring some moral boosting benefits so enjoy! Let's see what happens!
  3. sept, 2011 april, 2013 created 2009 but modified in oct, 2007 so idk lol aug, 2012 idk if files working on this site atm but gyazo works through : insert other media < image URL copy the gyazo image and copy link then paste
  4. Twitch is asking a question we've been answering for the past decade !
  5. using the gm distance sword where you can hit an enemy from far away BUT can make it so it's less damage maybe even less distance it's like shooting blasts at people Dragonball Z style could be a new mode or an event 1 hit kill not much fun IMO much potential with it,
  6. Average GunZ The Duel Player
  7. yo i got an idea for a mode in gunz, JUST dual smg and machine guns, no sword. this is how it was played back in the day for noobs, logging in and tumbling down mansion hallways and seeing how many kills u can get while spamming smgs before u die this could help new players stick around and get a feel for it NERF Everyone mode
  8. 1 med made into a tic tak toe board basiccally 4 lines , they dont heal you at all and are unlimited or maybe can be bought as vials dont really need X's and O's to preserve room can just use regular meds green and red PROS - can be fun in a training room to pass the time CONS- not original gunz-esque otherwise, NONE ps. Maybe add a suggestion section
  9. i think something was goin' down that day sorry for the inconvienience or however you spell it
  10. this is my reaction when ppl run with the Large Skull..! > <
  11. HEY ive been playing for a billion years and i didnt know this SO THERE or maybe i did but have forgotten! thanks for the reminder!