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  1. Very unprofessional conduct by the GM Monk. Inappropriate behavior using is power to freeze the game while dominating a round of public glad duel to make me lose.
  2. What is the deadline for submissions?
  3. Dropping links to all the screenshot I got in the pass few weeks. manage to capture Adorable in all her the hats except #6. Format: Follow this format below when placing entries. If you do not follow the format I will not take your entry. Your Character Name: MagicFingers Screenshot: Good luck & Have fun, let the event begin! This Event Ends: 11/01/2020
  4. So I got the opportunity to grab a couple a shoot of are wonderful GM. -> (#1) -> (#2X1) ->(#2X2) ->(#2X3) Enjoy! MagicFingers
  5. Dope! I would need to have a notification system when you get online