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  1. Character name: Cristhian/Lacrisima Hat #8 (yay, VIP rank):
  2. Character name: Cristhian Hat #2 (3 pictures) Hat #6 (1 picture)
  3. Character name: Cristhian Screenshots: Hat #1 (2 pictures) Hat #3 (1 picture) Hat #4 (1 picture)
  4. Well, I would like to suggest the "Zombie event", which basically is hosted with the "Infected mode" and the GameMaster is the king zombie at the beggining and he/she has to infect everyone. The last human alive is the winner. But you don't have that gamemode in this server, so... Maybe you can add it, idk. A lot of people love that gamemode (me included). And if you don't wanna add it as a normal gamemode, you could at least add it for event porpuses. That's my suggestion, hope it helps
  5. Character name: Cristhian Adorable wearing #5