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  1. Hallo bro please invite me in discord and un muted me please sorry for everything i will not do that anything in you're server again
  2. sir can you give me 1 last favor can you help me to chance my character name: Admin change to character name : ? i have a coins in my account i can pay sir please i hope you will help player thank you so much
  3. hallo sir monk thank's for reply my message i'm Nickolause Ynota Kolis why kick me in descord sorry for everything hope you will give me a chance to join again and un-mute me in descord i can't message you sorry sorry sorry please give me other chance
  4. hallo sir sorry for everything i hope you will give me a chance sorry sorry sorry for what i have to do wrong with you and to you're server i hope you will reaply me again thank you so much for every thing i hope you will understand me
  5. hallo sir monk why kick me in descord why i just tell that because i care you're website or server sorry for what wrong mistake can you please give me other chance to back again you're website thank you so much
  6. hallo good evening every one speacialy to the owner Monk hi how are you can you help me my problem i wan't to change may character name : Admin change to ? i hope you will help me my problem sorry for everything that's all thank you for everything
  7. go search then log in and click shop and go click weapon
  8. maybe you're launce are not good proper download or depends you're internet or you're laptop are not good thank's
  9. Nickolause


    it's done for the free coins
  10. i'm you're squad too