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  1. Waiting for a good reply and explanation for missunderstanding pls do not hate or ignore this
  2. I appologize about bad laguage thats been said and still like ur game
  3. I wasnt creating problems if u watch carefully u see where it begins . U should ban the one who is harssing me
  4. please do not mess with me and or ban me i have my own right right
  5. Human Dignity and Liberty. Section 7 of the Basic Law states, inter alia, that "every person is entitled to privacy and the privacy of his life." Explicit and extensive protection in the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981. The duty to respect the right to privacy rests with both individuals and state authorities. The law stipulates that invasion of privacy is a civil tort and under certain conditions even a criminal offense punishable by five years imprisonment. Consent The law states that "a person shall not infringe upon the privacy of another without his consent." Chapter A of the law defines 11 situations that may amount to an invasion of privacy, including: Photographing a person in the sole possession of the individual; Publishing a photograph of a person in public in circumstances where the publication may humiliate or demean him; Copying the contents of a letter or other writing not intended for publication, or using its contents, without the permission of the recipient or writer; Use of a person's name, nickname, image or voice for profit; Use of knowledge of a person's private affairs or its delivery after not for the purpose for which it was given; The publication or delivery of anything obtained by way of invasion of privacy; The publication of a matter concerning the privacy of a person's personal life, including his sexual past, or his state of health, or his conduct in the sole discretion.