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  1. This has always been like this. 2 skill rings doesn't stack.
  2. This is a good idea, especially for the questers
  3. Kagari


    I recently watched Shield hero and Cautious hero. I highly recommend Shield Hero but watch out, It will make you angry tho Attack on Titan is still my favorite one. if you know any good ''game'' anime, feel free to let me know :3
  4. Hey 6xLegendary, Did you have any contact with the GMs about this. If you're bullied/harassed by someone, you can report this. If i can do something for you, please let me know. In any case, this is not the way to express your feelings. Good luck! Here is how to report Hackers/cheaters/Harassment:
  5. Brief History of InnoStars In the year of 2009, InnoStars was formed. Innovative idea: To push the limits of questing to new and exciting possibilities. In ijji, star players revolutionized the questing scene and became the top Pro-Quest* clan. In Aeria, the clan started to become inactive as members grew older. InnoStars had moved to *** and now to GunZ the last Duel. InnoStars Tryout Requirement -Solo Dungeon Page 41 *Everything is allowed. Message any InnoStars member for tryout. Recommended Mindset: -Interest -Motivation - Clear thinking - Determination - Intelligent mind Recommended Skillset: -English -Basic K-style -Teamwork/Plan Lock Lure Mob Ride Elevate Kill Order** Spawn Control*** Map Awareness NPC Behaviour Manipulation**** NPC Spawn Manipulation***** Tryout Example: Search "InnoStars Tryout" on Youtube. InnoStars Contact Leader: -Various Admin: -Kagari, Elegance etc. *: Pro-Quest is a type of extreme quest gameplay where insane situations are enforced upon oneself to push one to one's own limits. **: Kill Order is a skill of developing a priority of which npcs to target and kill in an orderly and reasoned manner. ***: Spawn Control is simply controlling the spawn rates of the npcs and the types of npcs that are being spawned. ****: NPC Behaviour Manipulation is the understanding of npcs movements, attack pattern, range, cooldown, and manipulating it to benefit oneself. *****: NPC Spawn Manipulation is the understanding of npcs spawn positions, spawn timings, spawn total and manipulating it to benefit oneself.
  6. Another one just to be sure haha, this ones more clear.
  7. I got your bunny hat here :3 Can i have yellow color pweese.