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  1. you simply cant do anything for thoses . every time i try play they 10v1 on me pin point shit everywhere no one like old players i c that for sure i have never expiericed something like that nor bullie . a fucking lvl 10 player ( Jigen_ ) pin point shit gay they litterly not shoting anyone one but me ur fucking game is dead and ur not getting my attention anymore . damn for 18/60 players ...and i enjoied getting to lvl 50 so much other than that nothing !! nothing to do or to play against .. simply no players and if there are (fucking bullies ) some ppl claiming im using aimbot too or some kind of hack fucking mad ppl all around the fking game every room including eriva.... don know hes fuking name fuck off
  2. the worst game i have ever played in my life !! Do not Download it 40+ GM's / 20+ Admins . and every one try to fuck with you . if your a good player or a bad . every one bullies fucking gay shit . i have played the game for like 5/6 days and every single one in gunz fucking bullies including admins too Fuck you And Fuck Ur Game And fuck All off u's bullies players fucking lame shit fuck gm fuck admins fuck jigen fuck arklon fuck everybuddy fuck off /// this is how u welcome pple to join ur fucking dead GAME ??? after 14 years ........i wish i never played it i wish someday ur game DEAD all every bullies DEAD TOO fuck u fuck ooff fuck every one fuck u who reading this ! ruining my gameplay expierince fuck funu fuck finnie fuck YOU