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  1. I'm not extremely highly skilled at GFX yet but have a few small things i've done so far. Might dive deeper into Photoshop/Blender and create things.
  2. if you are looking for a throwback as in Ijji GunZ, then yes it is definately the same. same lead system, layout, music files, but more maps and game modes and the shop has a few added items you can straight up pay for with bounty rather than buying the gold boxes and gamble on getting those items! its 10/10 like the original!
  3. I don't see anything wrong other than everyone elses ping showing up as a very high number, are you using a MAC computer with BootCamp? i didn't see any teleporting of your character, and movements seem to be fine in this video, perhaps your mouse is on the fritz. as well if it is just aiming that seems to be messing up. noticed a small jitter in the beginning of video. Do you have Discord? perhaps i can join a game with you to see your ping and gather more info. Discord: My discord name is: xYuzi/SomethingXD My IGN is: SomethingXD Hope we can figure this out for you!
  4. how do i upload crosshairs to the game?
  5. My favorite anime would have to be Hunter x Hunter!
  6. good to see you on the forums as well as in game Panda! ~SomethingXD
  7. I'm glad to read! Monk has done a wonderful job on this server, along with his staff. If you ever have questions or concerns join the discord if you haven't already! here is a link:, hope to see you in game!
  8. Hello! Glad you are enjoying the game! and there is plently of players online that are willing to teach, if you see a player named STGY message them. they like to train new players! you will be a pro in no time!