Nathan Carter MRS Edit + Underclocking

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Hackers Name(s): JPizle (N***** * * * * * )

Hack used: MRS Edit + UC/OC

Proof: (Replay/Video) + + (These three are my own POV from twitch while I was livestreaming CWs today) (This link is Nathan Carters POV, he was live streaming while using an MRS Edit + UC/OC, pay attention to how little damage he takes (5-6 dmg chips), including the spread of his shotgun pellets)

Here's the .GZR replays that I took. You can clearly see at times he's only taking 5-6 damage from when he's hit by a single shotgun pellet. Swords were hitting him for normal damage as far as I could tell. Nobody in game was using Breaker 5s and Breaker 6s. The Town replay will show it best, especially when Nathan is alt tabbed and Behaviour starts to pb all of his ammo into him including slashes.

[8:36 PM]
You have livestream evidence, and you have .gzr evidence of him hacking in clan wars, I'm not sure what else you really need, including his own VOD stream that shows himself hacking.
[8:37 PM]
Thanks, hope to see something done about it! If you need anymore evidence I'm sure you can message Behaviour in game, or xzact. Everybody deserves a clean game to be playing during these days, there isn't much left of GunZ and it's super shitty that people have to deal with players like this, and it's just unfair.

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Hello, we took action based on the given evidence. This post will be locked now.

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