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Room 🌱 Gardening/Fishing 🎣

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have you ever logged into ANY GunZ server and there were no rooms?


WELL if you create a standard room and sit there a while you might get people in FAST this is the bait for FISHING


can make a room while sleeping or taking a shower, any chores? start a room!


because not many people want to start the room they just want to play a room that's already existing


but if you donate some of your time to try and GROW a room then bless your heart!


BUT this can fail if you don't know what people want!


THE Best rooms In my opinion to make are :


16 players, Infinite Time, Gladiator at Battle Arena

16 Players, Inf Time, Deathmatch in Town

16 Players, Inf Time, Deathmatch Mansion


these can change depending on how the times are but atm these have worked best!


Deathmatch is the new Training room


K/d is USELESS in general but especially GunZ because of lack of normality/popularity


ohh btw Quest is good too! as a warm up then suggest switching to Deathmatch or something..!!


THanks youuuuu

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