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Brief History of InnoStars

In the year of 2009, InnoStars was formed.
Innovative idea: To push the limits of questing to new and exciting possibilities.
In ijji, star players revolutionized the questing scene and became the top Pro-Quest* clan.
In Aeria, the clan started to become inactive as members grew older.
InnoStars had moved to *** and  now to GunZ the last Duel.

InnoStars Tryout Requirement

-Solo Dungeon Page 41 
*Everything is allowed.

Message any InnoStars member for tryout. 

Recommended Mindset:
- Clear thinking
- Determination
- Intelligent mind

Recommended Skillset:
-Basic K-style

Kill Order**
Spawn Control***
Map Awareness
NPC Behaviour Manipulation****
NPC Spawn Manipulation*****

Tryout Example: Search "InnoStars Tryout" on Youtube.

InnoStars Contact

-Kagari, Elegance etc.

*: Pro-Quest is a type of extreme quest gameplay where insane situations are enforced upon oneself to push one to one's own limits.
**: Kill Order is a skill of developing a priority of which npcs to target and kill in an orderly and reasoned manner.
***: Spawn Control is simply controlling the spawn rates of the npcs and the types of npcs that are being spawned.
****: NPC Behaviour Manipulation is the understanding of npcs movements, attack pattern, range, cooldown, and manipulating it to benefit oneself.
*****: NPC Spawn Manipulation is the understanding of npcs spawn positions, spawn timings, spawn total and manipulating it to benefit oneself.



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