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GunZ - Gun Knight Tournament Poll goes LIVE VOTE NOW!

What is your choice Do you prefer this Tournament to be Original Lead Platform Mechanics or Anti - Lead?  

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Hello M2O GunZ Fans,

We're bringing back GUNZ Gun Knight Tournament, beginning this Month may of 2021. This Tournament is conducted by our passionate M2O gaming Network, Staff Team who will be providing an amazing platform uniting many many top GUNZ competitors from across worldwide overseas! 

GunZ Elimination bracket style Crown and Rare Items Tournament: 

This is going to be a (2 vs 2 Gunners tournament.)  There will be no item restrictions, however only g-coin premium shop items and in-game bounty items will be allowed.  No donator cash items.  Each bracket will (play 3 - 10 round matches) to determine the winner.

The first team to win two games advances to the next bracket.  Each round will be 10 minutes long with maps being chosen by a randomizer from the list of clan war maps.  To enter, simply submit your In-Game Name  line up (with sub one max) including your clan names to Me after there has been official Announced for registration on our forum.  will be be added to the roster. Each players can only play for ONE clan in the tournament.

Winning team members will win prizes based on how many clans sign up prizes will be announced once sign up is over. Matches will be announced on [date] on discord/in game so stay tuned until then to participate.  Beware, if you cannot complete full tourney and someone else takes your place during one of the matches.  Only those who participated in finals will receive prize unless agreed upon by those involved otherwise.

Pass this around and find your Team and your greatest opponents!  See you all in M2O Gaming Network GunZ! 





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