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Come check out our official instagram page @ Leave a like, comment and follow for new updates, events, or just some silly pictures from the gunz community! If you have any content you would like posted there leave a reply and I can see what I can do.

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I love this game, so I often sit on its official page! I also have my own Instagram page, which I was able to promote with 1394TA. In my posts, I share my successes in the game. Gunz The Duel, which launched in Korea back in early 2005. Even though it is positioned as an online role-playing game in Eastern countries with action elements, it is almost impossible to define its genre. The developers themselves from Maiet Entertainment timely realized that stuffed unused to WoW and EQ2 man such a specific RPG can not, and for the European market positioned their game as an action with role-playing elements.

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