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GunZ: The Duel Redeem your V.I.P Bonuses! June 2021

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Hello GunZers,

Turbo Double EXP In-Game, Bounty & Donators Double Coin V.I.P Turbo Bronze Rewards  Beginning  (Today Saturday,  June 2021 ) Double EXP and Bounty Rate (X2) and Special V.I.P Bonus! It is only effective when you enter (PvP) Player rvs Player rooms such as Death-match, Duel Match, Gladiator and Clan War your experience and Bounty will be Doubled! So what are you all waiting for? Take advantage of this Epic event while you can and level up faster than EVER!

Also contributors Donating ($ 30.00  for 300  Coins ) will be receiving double ( X2 Gold Coins) Bonus and special V.I.P Bronze Rewards for (21 Days) along with Coins. ($50.00 for 500  Coins Will receive (60 Days) V.I.P Bronze along with a rare never before seen full set for (30 days)  or a Avatar for (60 days) must pick one!

➥ Rare Guns!

➣ Red Dragon shot Gun SG
➣ Black Dragon Shot Gun SG
➣ Sponge Bob SG
➣ Blue Shotgun SG
➣Green Shotgun SG
➣ Messanger SG
➣ Polka SG
➣ Limit Shot gun SG
➣ Pepsi Shot Gun SG
➣ Polka SG
➣ Messanger SG
➣ Cyan SG 
➣ Triagle SG
➣ Blue SG
➣ Light Blue SG
➣ Bright pink SG
➣ Darker than Black SG
➣ Blunder Beta Tester SG
➣ Limit Shotgun SG
➣ Hydra Golden SG
➣ Green SG
➣ Finallizer Gold SG 

➥ Rare Never before seen Swords 

➣ Shadow curse (Blue)
➣ Shadow curse (Green)
➣  Shadow curse (Red)
➣  Donator katana
➣  Magic Sword
➣  Donator katana
➣  Bouke Finder katana
➣  Mysticedge Sword
➣  Templar
➣  Ancient Sword
➣  Emissword
➣  Rainbow Sword
➣  Light Saber Sword

➥ Rare Anime Avatars/Sets etc

➣ LU - Set (female)
➣ Shinigami Chest & Legs (Female)
➣ Archer Female (Avatar)
➣ Ali (Avatar)
➣ Hatsune miku (Avatar)
➣ Naruto (Avatar female)
➣ Sasuke Avatar (female)
➣ Kakashi Sensei (Konoha)
➣ Bleach Ichigo (Hollow Mask)
➣ Hatsune miku (Avatar)
➣ Anime Blue (female)
➣ Datealive (female)
➣ Higurashi (female)
➣ Neptune (female)
➣ Hyperdimension (female)
➣ Yoruichi ''Anime Bleach'' (female'
➣ Chuunibyou Rikka
➣ Ali (alien like)
➣ GunZ 2 female Assassin (Avatar)
➣ MrCrow (Avatar)
➣ Deathstroke (Avatar)
➣ Bleach Ichigo (Hollow Mask)
➣ Super SSJ Goku (Avatar)
➣ Goku SSJ Blue God (Avatar)
➣ Bleach Ichigo (Hollow Mask)
➣ Feline Cat (Avatar Male & female)
➣ Deathstroke (Avatar male)
➣ Aatrox League of Legends (Avatar)
➣ Jarvan League of Legends (Avatar)
➣ Archer (Avatar Female)
➣ Jarvan League of Legends (Avatar)
➣ Archer (Avatar Female)
➣ Counter-Strike (Avatar)
➣ Sun Wukong (Avatar)
➣ Terrorist (Avatar)
➣ Graves (Avatar)

➥ Following available V.I.P Colors

➣ Yellow
➣ Green
➣ Dark Blue
➣ Purple


➥ Dance/Gestures Moves!

➣ Sexy
➣ Gangnam Style
➣ Granade
➣ Gun Fire
➣ Dirty
➣ Disco
➣ Michael Jackson

➥Rare full Sets!

➣ Lolipop
➣ Michael jackson
➣ Elite European
➣ Blast Dragon
➣ Firethorn
➣ Lu - Cute female fox
➣ G.Master
➣ Raider Ser
➣ Independence Day Set
➣ Red donator (Both Genders)
➣ and much More!


If you qualify, you can redeem your VIP by visiting Our Discord Link and contact M2O Gaming Network on Discord with your Information. Click Here!





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