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GunZ is Currently open to the West and International gamers Across worldwide overseas! M2O gaming Network, a Private Gaming Network, hosting Nostalgic games such as GUNZ, and continues to thrive till this day.


GunZ the Duel is a free-to-play online third-person shooter developed by MAIET Entertainment in the early 2000s. GunZ has movement options that are HEAVILY inspired by ‘The Matrix’, some bumpin’ tunes, and some pretty laughable voice acting. Players create their character and build a load out including up to two ranged weapons (Pistols, SMGs, Revolvers, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers), one melee weapon (Sword, Kodachis, Dagger), Armor(Head, Torso, Legs, Gloves, Boots), two sub items (Grenades, Flashbangs, Smoke Bombs, Health Kits, Armor Kits) and two rings. The game is a lobby based system where the host can set up different game types such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Gladiator, Team Gladiator, Spy, Duels, Assassination, etc…


The movement in this game is heavily based on ‘The Matrix’ …and it. Is. AWESOME! After players joined a lobby they were dropped into one of many pretty sizable maps and could run around pretty freely. You could run along or up walls, jump off them, do Max Payne-esq dives with your guns out, dash around with a sword. Everything in the game felt really satisfying to do and made you feel like you were cool AF. The game would be cool enough on it’s own, but some time late into the Korean release of GunZ  there was a coding oversight that actually lead to an evolution of gameplay that would push the physical capabilities of the player base and increase the speed of gameplay by 200%. After this patch was release people figured out that you were able to cancel certain animations with others and create new movement sequences. I’m going to break down two before moving forward because otherwise I would be writing a master’s thesis on advanced game mechanics for a sixteen year old free-to-play game.


all Cancel [Wall Jump > Slash or Stab > Dash (back to wall)]: Alright, so remember how I said you could run up or jump off walls? the downside to jumping off walls was that after you did it…you couldn’t really do much else. Sure, you could look around, or shoot your guns, but outside of that you were just kinda locked into a fixed animation and fall trajectory. Well thanks to the previously mentioned coding error players found out that you could now cancel this back/side flip animation with a sword slash(or dagger stab), and since the sword slash animation is so short you would go back to a neutral position way quicker than you would if you just wall jumped, and since you’re in a neutral position you can just dash back towards the wall and repeat…and each time you did this you would gain a little more height. This was a HUGE discovery because it took the game, which was mostly fought on the ground, and brought it to the skies! This sequence meant you could stay in the air for an indefinite amount of time, provided you could still make it back to a wall.


ash Shot [Jump > Dash > Slash (hold) > Switch to Gun > Shot]: So I mentioned that you can do these Max Payne dives with your gun out. While they look pretty bad ass they are…less than optimal. You move at a fixed speed and direction and since it was a long animation it left you pretty vulnerable. So the only mobility option when using your guns was pretty bad and walking around in general was really slow…like really slow…I’m surprised I’m only just now thinking about how slow the regular walk speed was…So anyway, how the hell are you supposed to move around with your guns out…in this game called GunZ. Welp! Thanks to the previously mentioned oversight of slash being able to cancel animations you were able to dash around with your sword, perform this move, and have incredible mobility while still being able to shoot. This meant you could quickly engage to point blank range with a shotgun, and disengage just as quick.


hose are just the tip of the iceberg on advanced mechanics, for a few more you can visit our GunZ Guide and Style Section here explained by many experienced GunZ Players. Click Here



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