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Paradise Swapping with EXODIA

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Clan Name: Paradise and EXODIA

Swapper name(s): Ryas, OrbMaru, Adalia, CarderOrCC, Rigu

Proof: 5 Replays of The Clan Paradise Swapping with EXODIA, including 2 screenshots of the Before and After. 

In the replays, they try to not make it as obvious as the last report, but similar to their previous swaps, the players and constantly leaving rejoining/ actively AFKing, and 
Both clans share the same members, and KingVegeta, has been seen swapping with Paradise on numerous occasions before. 

Some rounds Paradise gives easy kills to EXODIA Members, and free rounds. Once Goofy calls out the Swap, EXODIA finally "WINS" ending Paradise's consecutive streak. 

As well, Paradise (Previously Armageddon)has been caught swapping several times in the past. Referencing previous swap report and thread:



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